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Gq changing

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I read an article the other day that the new editor in chief plans to make it more modern and appealing to today's young man... and that ain't a good thing IMO. Elements of Style? Gone, replaced with articles 'dumbing down' how to dress. The new features sound completely Maximesque. I'm sure they want to be different now that the old editor (whose name escapes me) is gone, but I am preparing for the worst...
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Gq has become a horrible fashion mag. Nowadays when I read it, I'll only expect a few pages of latest fashions. However, the overseas GQ mags are outstanding. They offer superior coverage on trends, styles, and overall mens products. If the new GQ will follow the lead of it's european counterparts, then why not?
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Have you seen the newest issue? To put it plainly, Johnny Knoxville is on the cover and the clothing inside the mag reminds of of trash Ashton Kutcher wears. Esquire, here I come...
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There is a niche to be filled, that is obvious. The question is whether or not it's a viable magazine launch idea.
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I suppose after Art Cooper passed away the magazine took a turn for the worse. Do any of you read Arena Homme Plus or Vogue L'Uomo? I rather like those two.
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I just read an article in DNR on the same subject. The changes didn't sound bad but then again DNR and GQ are controlled by the same company. GQ is not a very good magazine as it is so it would be hard to make it worse. Maybe it will even be better - we'll have to wait and see.
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british gq does a great job every month, moreso than usa gq, which is obviously trying to compete with the laddie mags out there that make all the money details does an oddly eventful job at fashion l'uomo vogue i find hit and miss, similar to the french version some of my favourites are the bi-annual mags like arena homme +, uk fhm fashion, loaded fashion and wallpaper's spruce, although i think spruce has been cut and isn't publishing any longer as they added more fashion into wallpaper itself
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I'm also a fan of British GQ, especially their more unique columns - such as 'The Indefensible Position', currently helmed by Trigger Happy TV's Dom Joly. In this column, Joly attempts to justify any number of horrible social faux pas, including such gems as 'Why I like to make obscene phone calls', and 'Why I like blacking up at dinner parties'... If you haven't seen his work, rent out 'Trigger Happy TV' on DVD or video immediately, it's hilarious. As for the US GQ, I must admit to being a fan of Glenn O'brien's 'Style Guy' column...
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I've found the fashion coverage in the US GQ to be spotty at best - in contrast to the great coverage by Details (their choices are generally spot on), British GQ, British Esquire, and Arena. And the fashion features are usually much too conservative for my taste, not to mention generally poorly shot and lighted (I remember that they had one particularly Sears catalogue-like feature in the last couple of years where they had a bunch of models just standing around wearing wholly uninspired outfits.) I'm hoping the the new format will have better fashion coverage, and that the fashion converage will be a little more in tune with Milan, and a little less with the Nebraska.
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If you want a real laugh, check out the gqforum. I think the agregate age there is five, and the IQ level not much above that.
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Maybe I'm just getting old, no that can't be it, but if you look at some of the older issues of Esquire and GQ there are some classic styles and solid fashion advice. It's gone now. Art Cooper was fired (a few days before and probably the cause of his death) to bring in a "new" look to GQ. It's amazing that Men's Health Magazine has better men's fashion features than some of the fashion mags. (not just because I get a mention in there occasionally). Thracozaag: I was shocked at the gqforum. Don't they monitor that. It's all obsenities. Nick M: I've been trying to play pong on your icon, but I can't seem to win.. And can one subscribe to British GQ and some of the other magazines or do I have to drive to the Hollywood News stands. Andy
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Along with the magazines mentioned by Mike C. and hermes, "Departures" has a cool feature from time-to-time.  That is the magazine of the American Express platinum card.  See a selection of past articles through the "Fashion" link at
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I subscribe both to GQ and Esquire. I've always thought that GQ is in general a higher-quality publication when you consider its content as a whole, but it hasn't been much of a style publication for quite some time now. I like Glenn O'Brian's column, but the fashion spreads are usually not very good. I want to see the clothes, not some faux-artsy black-and-white crap. And the lack of emphasis on shoes is appalling. Of course, truth be told, Esquire isn't much better. Still, I find GQ worthwhile for other reasons. If it turns into Maxim or FHM, of course, those reasons will be gone.
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Is GQ really that entrenched as a "style" mag, or did everyone here migrate from the GQ Forum at one time or another? Agreed with the other posts, for fashions I prefer Arena H+, even if it's quarterly.
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With all this scorn heaped upon US GQ, you guys should consider yourself lucky you're not subjected to Australian GQ. Over here, it's the, ahem, 'sister' magazine to Vogue, which should tell you something. Imagine a magazine the thickness of US GQ, but with double-thick glossy pages, which means, of course, half the content. It's completely humorless, and, unlike it's US parent, there's no sly winks to individual style, like O'Brien's column. It's basically, you must buy this to be in fashion, throw out everything we told you to buy last time. Top it off with fashion shoots that are even duller than the American ones, and 'catwalk shoots' that are seemingly culled from last season' Firstview collections, and you're onto a real winner of a publication. Luckily, it really is quarterly over here, so I only have to ignore it four times a year.
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