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I wear either tobacco suede loafers, brown suede brogues or brown leather country brogues with my red cords. They go perfecly well, particularly when worn with a navy blazer or tweed sports jacket. The velvet slippers shown would normally only be worn indoors.
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I once saw a man wearing those very slippers while in line at the pharmacy. It looked really odd, as though he were in one of those nightmares where you leave home to go to work and then realize you are naked, if that makes any sense.
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And now the (heretical) cheap shot: Who's going to be looking at your shoes? I admire your courage in choosing bright red cords--I saw a pair of lime green on sale that I loved--but they'd just be too hard to coordinate and then the question of where to wear them arises...
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Oh, you should have. Too few men in this country wear colors. My husband has a pair of lime green cords for the summer. They're quite stylish and versatile, more so than I would have thought when he took the plunge.
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I immediately thought suede. I don't think brown would necessarily clash, depending on the brown. Fabienne, cords in the summer?
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Yes, very light cords, whose color would almost require you to wear them in the summer.
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I'd say brown suede shoes.  They work with bright orange cords beautifully, in my experience.  They should work with red.  But I'd try suede, different shades, to match the feel of the fabric.  That would be the safer route, to think in terms of texture first, not necessarily color.  This isn't to say black patent leather shoes wouldn't work.
Yes, the fabric is the key. Suede, Suede. Then try chocolate brown.
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A very dark shade of brown suede, such as what Alden produces for their tassel loafers.
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I recently purchased a very nice pair of RLPL cordoroy pants in bright red. However, I just realized I have a problem -- I have no idea what kind of shoes to wear with them.
I guess you have to be very brave to sport red pants out there. As other members have suggested, I would try white or blue shoes. However, having no white or blue shoes.... I would prefer to cut my losses, and donate to charity. Sorry... I guess I am a boring guy.
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Stylestudent, I think you've hit the nail on the head. Although tassels are not my thing. That being said, I am having second thoughts about the red pant concept overall. At best I can wear them one day a year -- Christmas. Wimping out, Montecristo
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Interesting question, which I believe I can answer from my own experience. I have a pair of widewale corduroy trousers (Polo rather than RLPL) in a bright red-orange that is perhaps not dissimilar. I can't say I wear them more than once or twice a year, but when I do, they look quite smart with a pair of black Pliner slip-ons which happen to have a heel cushion (as I believe it's called) of the same red. This detail becomes evident only when I'm seated but it provides a nice touch for those who may notice. Now that I think of it, I also have a pair of raisin-brown (almost cordovan but darker) monkstraps that would also work well. I agree that brown suede, which is not yet represented in my collection, would be very successful depending on the shade. I think the more important point is not to fear color. I believe in embracing color, and am never so happy than when sporting garments in heretofore unseen (but not necessarily loud) combinations.
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I currently have poppy red cords for summer, deep red cords for winter and bright red brushed cotton for winter (I also have lime green cords). I like clothing with colour and I think it looks good if not over done. I will wear various shades of brown leather or suede with the pants. I have never worn red pants and black shoes. I think brown blends in better.
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I agree with the others (some of them anyway) that brown is the way to go. I used to have a pair of "Nantucket Red" cords (which are either a shade of pink or lightish red, depending on your perspective) with which I normally paired either boat shoes or LL Bean blucher mocassins-- it was a great look. I'd think bright red with a lighter shade of brown would work very well. As for when to wear the cords, I could see wearing them. . . at Christmastime; but also for fall/winter gatherings with neighbors; holiday-season evenings out with my wife; a Saturday afternoon walking around Georgetown or Annapolis. In my book, clothes like that go into the "country club" category -- if you dress "old school" preppy, you'll be fine.
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I'd be tempted to go with a light-to-medium brown myself, although those RL slippers (?) are brilliant. But anyway, three pages in and no one is fleshing out the rest of the wardrobe. What else does one wear with red cords once the shoe issue is nailed down? Scott
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I was thinking ivory cable-nkit cashmere crewneck sweater with a blue and white check button down shirt underneath. Of course, you could always do a turtleneck and a navy blazer.
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