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Key problems? One word: ampallang. If you lose 'em after this, believe me, you'll know about it. Might raise an eyebrow or two if you bring a date home, of course--and driving? Pull the seat forward. Like, WAY forward...
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I always carry a spare car key in my wallet.
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There is at least one good thing about a navel piercing which is that you never have to lose your keys again. Keeps your pockets empty too; preserves the line of your Dior Homme suit. After having broken into my own car a couple of times, I too have adopted the strategy of carrying a spare car key in my wallet. That makes two things to lose before disaster strikes. Maybe for you it's a house key. I also leave the bottom lock on my apartment door open (even when it's locked it's useless as an anti-burglarly measure), which again reduces by one the number of absolutely critical items I can lose or leave behind.
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When wearing jeans, I keep them in the fifth pocket (since I don't really use it for change anyway). When wearing other kinds of trousers ... well, I just neurotically check my pockets every ten minutes, though I do have a bottle opener on my keyring to feel for, as well as a mini CVS card in case I do lose them.
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One of the (few) advantages of living in a military Officers' Mess is that we do not need to lock our rooms. In the event of returning late and 'tired' , and forgetting the combination to the front door, or being incapable of operating same, a bell is provided so the Mess staff will let you in. A few years ago I shared, with 3 others, a fantastic batman called Charlie, who was a positive Jeeves. He would come in at 0700 bearing tea. If he saw the signs of a long night in the bar, he would return 15 minutes later to ensure I was awake, inform me that the shower was running, and make sure my uniform was ready when I emerged from the bathroom. Alas, they don't make them like that any more.... So there you are, key problem solved. Join the military, or employ a valet..
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My uncle always hid a key on the outside of his car (simple contraption so it was attached under the car, or I think he also used the inside of a light). This may be too obvious for America. I know thieves are quite a bit more persistant, here. Giving a spare key to a friend. But these are after the fact measures. What about carrying a Louis Vuitton bag?
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I use this genius tool as my keyring. Losing it feels unconscionable. Before I had such a valuable attachment, I'd slip my key into my wallet (The "Roadster" model from J. Fold) underneath the card slots. But I think that stache's idea of safety pinning a key inside a pocket would provide more peace of mind.
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