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if the park avenues are a little too cluncky for you, then soho's are might suit you better. still a cap toe bal, comes in black and cognac. i'd probably find you size then take a trip south or buy something via mail.
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Thanks for the info so far. So I've got a flat, wide foot. I'm probably an 8.5E, and I was thinking of AE Evanstons or these at Harlow as a first dress shoe. Does the pine-colored Kent go well with a charcoal suit? Would the shoe (or a pair of Evanstons) go well with jeans when dressing them down?
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If you are ok spending around $400- you'd be very happy with Martegani's single or dbl monk in chocolate. Dress it up or down. They also have a new split-toe in dk brown that is very good with denim or with a gray suit... or brown or...
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Originally Posted by korce View Post
Any suggestions other than the Park Avenue? I'm looking for something a little less conservative...

AE Soho
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The Martegani split-toe looks nice. A bit TOO nice for semi-daily use, I feel.

Another question: what about the shoe's shape compared to my silhouette? I'd assume something slightly larger for someone short, and vice versa, right?
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Originally Posted by korce View Post
I was actually wondering whether the burnished chili would be dark enough to wear with a charcoal suit, not wondering if they would be too dark...!

Sorry korce, I must have been distracted when I wrote that. I did in fact mean that I didn't think the burnished chili would be too light. I'm not sure I would go much lighter though, but I think this might be just a personal taste thing.

Originally Posted by korce View Post
I very much like Grenson's too. A little sleeker than any AE I've seen, and with that classic british style. Unfortunately I know of no stockists in Canada, so I have no way of finding out my size.

I've contacted Bennie's about them before, and they told me that they did not ship to Canada

In my (limited) experience, the 1 pair of Grenson loafers I bought ran a half size small. I wear an 8D or 8E in Park Ave's and the Grenson's in 8.5 (think the Grenson/PS's only come in 1 width?) fit perfect. You could always find a benevolent SF member in the states to act as a middleman...
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Well, I ended up going to Dack's here in TO and getting a pair of brogues. I believe Dack's are now made by Cheaney's...not exactly a favourite on this forum, I know. But, the pair I bought were on sale for $199 CAD (marked down from $385) because they have been discontinued. I'm quite happy with the style, and the leather doesn't look overly grain corrected or highly polished (though it is the "dreaded" bookbinder leather some on here loathe). The construction seems solid, goodyear welts, made in england, etc. What do you gents think?

Here are some pics:

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^^^Nice shoes! Given your circumstances I think you did all right. The shoes look fine--anything more high-end would be only noticed by yourself. The shoes make a positive impression. Do you like the fit?
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Nice choice. Reasonable price and versatile.

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Going to pull this thread out of the grave but I could use some suggestions on real dress shoes, too. The only caveat (and very, very limiting factor) is my size: I'm a US 6-6.5D in an AE PA. So far I've managed to scavenge ebay/B&S for Park Ave's, AE Chester (though in a 7, so slightly big, but ok once or twice a week at work), and a pair of Alden monstraps in pebble grain. The brogues were pretty beat up when I bought them, but I nursed them back to a decent state (I think I paid $50 for them).

I want to get a pair of brown shoes, and although I don't mind getting the Park Aves again, it'd be nice if someone can suggest other good shoe brands that make my size. I've looked into Loake, which are reasonably priced, but can't seem to find anything in my size.
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wow, my size is 6/6.5 also. I have difficulty finding shoes, let me know if you find any good deals.
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