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Originally Posted by GoSurface View Post
Women in pink velour track suits, flip flops/uggs.
Name-tag necklaces
Random 'designer' dog tags.
Too much perfume or cologne.

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Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC View Post

You're always good at nailing things.
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- crocs - sandals with socks - dress shoes with white socks - uggs - clothes that are obviously too big for you - carpenter jeans - and most of all, people who wear the same shirt for more than one day in a row
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ouch, we are a critical bunch...

there's nothing i really hate clothing wise.
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- Socks Crew length or higher with shorts (unless during physical activity)
- Crocs (of course)
- Plaid cargo shorts
- High top nike dunks with shorts
- Infernally ugly "limited edition" sneakers

Lastly, however not a clothing hatred, but still, women who find any combination of these looks appealing in any way, shape or form.

btw, great thread overall
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Originally Posted by amerikajinda View Post
I hate when guys wear backpacks with suit and tie.

Backpacks, if you do lots of walking, are essential. Anything that doesn't distribute the weight across your shoulders evenly is bad for your spine.

Personally I just wish they'd make some backpacks that didn't look like they're modeled on running shoes.n

Originally Posted by Big Punisher View Post
New balance shoes.
I thought new balance just made runners...?

Anyway, things I don't like (I think hate is a bit strong). Plenty of others have mentioned some of these, but I'll post them up again:

- Skinny jeans, especially when they're a size to small and the guys wear them around their legs. Seriously, I do not want to see your whole arse hanging out, I don't care how nice your boxer shorts are. In fact the whole emo thing annoys me.
- Baggy shirts. They don't look good, period.
- Long shorts. They make the people wearing them look like a child who doesn't know how to dress himself.
- Runners. If you are going to the gym or doing some kind of physical activity, fine. If not, leave them at home.
- Thin pants or shorts with a very slim t-shirt when the wearer is borderline obese. It's like watching a frog get about on it's hind legs. This is usually done with spiked up hair, thongs (see: flipflops) and a dopey look on their face.

I also think it's sad when people are afraid to dress well. They think they will be singled out and picked on by co-workers or other university students for looking different. *sigh* Oh well.
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"afraid" to dress well? I have never encountered that...i think most of the population who dresses "poorly" just doesn't care or acknowledge clothing in their life other than a basic necessity.
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+1000 to graphic shirts, especially anything with an attempt at humor or wit. Anything like, "you're lucky I'm awake," or the like turns my stomach.

This gives a pretty good idea of what I'm talking about.
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i know i'm not contributing anything new, but i wanted to splash around some more gratuitous haterade. running sneakers with anything when you're not running (although I like the type of new balances that superbobo sports) ill fitting suits rick owens or bernhard wilhelm sneakers ugss/crocs jeans on guys that are so skinny just looking at them makes your balls hurt. i think on skinny guys they sometimes look good, but not tight like tights. baseball caps put on backwards (or forwards) any brand that is overly overpriced without any redeeming aspect in quality (a&f, 7fam, tr, ed hardy etc.) any brand that screams wealth through mass hypnotizing and branding (coach, lv, chanel bags shoes with gross monogram branding) you should be steezy without most ppl knowing you're steezy. just that somehow you look really good.
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-American Eagle.

Those 3 brands seem to be all thats worn at my school, and I'm tired of that bullshit.

Along with

-Fake Designer products, I had a kid wearing a Fake gucci pattern jumpsuit in a class of mine, it was horrible.
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Clothingwise, the things I hate the most are some of the most common things I have seen in my lifetime of living in the south...
-Eurotrash styles, the "gotti" look, also crappy designer shoes, i.e. Gucci sneakers covered in monogram pattern for $700. Many of the well-to-do kids adopt these styles as their own.
-Gaudy striped shirts. I live in the southeast, and for about 50% of people my age (early twenties), their idea of "dressing up casual" is synonomous with their clubwear look- a gaudy multi-color striped shirt, untucked, with the top 2 or 3 buttons undone, and with the cuffs folded only once over for that lovely "wings" effect, along with some distressed denim and square-toed Kenneth Coles.
-^same people as above with their "dressing up formal", ill-fitting ralph lauren button-down tucked into pleated khakis with the same crappy square-toed kenneth coles.
-Fat people in the summer who tuck their t-shirts into their shorts, thus proudly displaying their gut that hangs out 4 inches over their waistline. Finished off with crocs or running shoes and tube socks. This is how people in the rural-south dress for like 4 months out of the year.
-^^ In general, fat people should not tuck their fucking shirts in because gut-accentuation is easily one of the most vile and common sights that I see in public.
-I know its not clothing, but guys who get obvious highlights in their hair look so very very bad. Best example-Billy Ray Cyrus.
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fedora's with scarves and sunglasses, indoors. pisses me off.
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1) Tommy Bahama north of Tampa.
2) Women at my work wearing gym clothes and trying to pass it off as work attire.
3) When the guy telling you that denimheads buying a pair of $120 jeans are a bunch of money-wasting followers and then goes on to tell you how he only buys $180 Diesels cuz they work for him.
4) Pretty much how everyone in this city dresses like theyre going mountain climbing on the way to work (dressing like shit and having everyone else around you dress like shit causes depression..I swear to God)
5) Ed Hardy again (A ladyfriend of mine for 2 years abruptly stopped talking to me forever when she called me from an Ed Hardy "fashion show" and I started laughing at her)
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Originally Posted by Stazy View Post
When was the last time you heard a Canadian refer to themselves as American?

Oh, we use the sentence "I'm an American" all the time. We just add a strategic "not" in there, eh!
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Originally Posted by Doc4 View Post
Oh, we use the sentence "I'm an American" all the time. We just add a strategic "not" in there, eh!
That's what I'm talking aboot!
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