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One thing that I had not noticed until I moved is... cheap dress shoes with jeans. Ok cool, you can rock your Diors with Santoni or whatever. But ugly, tapered thrifted levis with plastic-y square toes? Ughh, I have never seen anything worse.
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T-shirts with huge logos. Crocs. Damn those crocs!!!
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Originally Posted by funkygroove View Post
Amen brotha. All my friends wear horrifying basketball/running shoes constantly and the quickest way to show you have no idea how to wear a suit is to be not showing any cuff (hello to half the people who ever participated in a wedding).

Should (French) cuffs also show with blazers in casual settings?
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Originally Posted by CarbonatedTsoda View Post
Oversized, ill-fitting blazers/suit jackets, and the salesmen who advocate this. My buddy went into a Men's Wearhouse (which was probably his first mistake) to get a jacket and naturally the people in there tell him a jacket looks great when in reality its a size too large.

Salesmen who say they will give you big discount on a blazer that is 4 sizes too big for you. Seriously, this happened to me in LA.
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New Era Hats.
Colorfull Hoodies with patterns.
Nike Dunks.
How tight jeans can really get, I almost think people wrap their legs in saranwrap and spray it down with PAM before they get those jeans on.

Basically I just described hypebeastin'.
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Originally Posted by Shraka View Post
It's this whole obsession with youth thing. Everyone wants to be 21 forever, so they dress and act like it. I hate it. Nobody bothers to become more refined in personality, taste in food, culture, or clothing.

I guess that's a bit harsh, they do a bit. Or perhaps I'm just hanging out with the wrong people.

My sentiments EXACTLY!!!
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Originally Posted by tagutcow View Post
I took a rare trip to the mall recently, and whilst browsing through Gap, Express, AE, etc. what struck me most of all was how expensive everything was. Thanks to the internetz, I've been able to consistently pay less for articles of clothing whose higher quality is immediately apparent. The only exceptions were when I paid more than mall prices for things of substantially higher quality.

No kidding! I don't even want to THINK about how much money I have wasted over the years buying junk quality from malls. That's before I knew of SF, of course! Now I see that high-quality shirts can be bought for about the same price - or even less - than these overpriced fashion labels. For example, a Finamore shirt (on sale) from is only about $30 more than one from Banana Republic that looks like crap and is made in China/India/Vietnam and that has no hint of style or elegance whatsoever!
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Originally Posted by MrGimpy View Post
There are lots of fans of them here, but I really dislike contrasting cuff and collar shirts. They remind me of Lumberg. Only a couple times in my life have I seen them look passable.

How about
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anything that deliberately has a hole in it.
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From my meagre experience:
- Jorts, Crocs, and pants that flood.
- tucking shirts into ridiculously high-rise pants. see: mom jeans
- absurd distressing. Not only is it disingenuous, it shows you have no taste in fashion. Subtle and attractive distressing is one thing, but you've gone overboard when it looks like a tiger scratched your crotch.

Yesterday at school there was an obese girl wearing a fuchsia shirt with jeans that were impossibly distressed down the front and back, like two huge stripes...revealing that the cotton was not an off-white, but, in fact, pink. And of course, her blue-and-pink jeans matched her shirt.
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Originally Posted by FiveFiveFive View Post
Golf course wear in the office -- large, billowy polo shirts with sleeves that hang at the elbows; baggy pleated khakis; steel-tipped belt; practice swings during down time.

White socks.

Muscular dudes who wear tight clothes -- I'm with Jean Touitou on this one.

Untucked shirts that hang past the balls in the front and past the butt in the back.

The Thom Browne look -- A friend of mine tried on my suit once a few years back, and I remember laughing my ass off because it was so small on him. Who knew that he was being fashion forward? I guess after the baggy clothes trend of the 90s, the pendulum has swung to the other extreme.

What is your definition of "tight"? Who can wear tight clothes? Skinny people? Fat people?
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New to the forum. Things I hate? This could get long! cargo ANYTHING crocs/birkenstocks ed hardy/affliction or similar douche-wear square toed dress shoes dockers business casual oversized clothes relaxed fit jeans ugh. they're for fat guys boot cut jeans worn without boots common department store fragrances overly distressed clothing A&F, Holister, etc. the guy at the club in the striped shirt reeking of too much issey miyake for men. excessive use of hair product people that wear sandals in crowded bars and bitch when their feet get stepped on the Gap. mohawks unless youre truly punk, and all incarnations of the fauxhawk thumb rings overly waxed eyebrows being orange from tanning unfortunate hair bleaching incidents of all kinds sweats in public unless you are going to or coming from the gym I could go on for ever.
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Sunglasses - inside clubs at night. What's the point?

Ah, Issey Miyake, the ultimate fragrance of choice of the boy who is about to go on his first-ever date!
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Originally Posted by mkarim View Post
Sunglasses - inside clubs at night. What's the point?

So they can, so they can, keep track of the visions in their eyes?

Boy, me with my hip cultural references!
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I've seen a few things on campus that made my skin crawl. 1) Crocs, 2) Skin tight pants and I mean pants that show every lump, curve and bump on the area lower than the waist (yes, all of it), 3) Player jerseys outside of a game,4) excessive bling, 5) excessive piercings, 6) most cheapo department store hats, 7) pre-ripped/pre-distressed clothing (if you wanted to wear torn clothing, do it yourself) and 8) Shutter sunglasses. Other than that I pretty much adopt a wear and let wear philosophy.
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