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Shirt Opinions Please (pics)

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Due to either an error by a certain shirtmaker, or more likely due to an error of my own, I am now the proud owner of the pink shirt pictured below.  As you can see, the stitching around the buttonholes and the buttons are a nice blue rather than self-colored which I typically order. Although this will limit the shirt's versatility, I tend to like the look (though I haven't thrown on a tie and cufflinks yet to see how it works).  In your opinion is this an interesting touch or a subtle distraction? Thanks, Henry P. Boogers p.s. - I haven't talked to the shirtmaker yet, and expect no issues with them.  
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With a blue blazer, kewl.
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I dig it. Very cool. Who was the shirtmaker? I want one.
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If they're not overdone (and I don't think they are in this case), contrasting details like button holes can be a really neat, subtle touch. I wouldn't wear it as a business shirt or to any sort of serious, dressy occasion, but it would work great as a casual shirt with jeans or worn to an evening party.
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I like it. I would wear it to work, though I'm in a forgiving industry (entertainment). It's unfortunate that this certain shirtmaker made a mistake, but I think it's a good mistake.
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What kind of buttons are those? I'm sorry, but they don't seem to match. Or is it just the flash?
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The buttons are a very nice MOP, I think the flash made them somehow look yellow. I am hesitant to mention the shirtmaker since I imply it may be his error....let's assume it was MY error and I will tell you it was Jantzen.
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I am really liking that shirt the more I look at it. Do you have what you ordered written down anywhere?
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I will join the chorus of those who like the shirt. I think it's happy mistake.
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If I remember correctly it was Dobby 95: Dobby 95 I think it's collar 15, but a touch longer than standard.
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Many members of the forum have previously referred to that fabric as "Hermes pink." I think there was another thread praising that fabric as beautiful.
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great shirt.
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I like the shirt, but i'm a sucker for pink I recently got myself a pink Barba and the color looks very similar to this one, the contrasting buttonholes etc. are just a great mistake. However, I would make sure the shirtmaker knew it was a mistake so he takes a bit better care of your next order
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add me to the group that votes yea for contrasting stitching..i've bought rtw paul smith shirts with same detailing,albeit because of this feature..i don't mind it on a few shirts,but wouldn't want it to be a signature of my dressing style
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I think it looks good, and a nice touch of individuality.
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