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New Playoff Picture

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Jets/Rams is not over yet, but thus far: NFC: Eagles Falcons Packers Seattle Vikings Rams Wild Card round: Packers over Vikings Rams over Seattle Divisional Round: Eagles over Rams Packers over Falcons Conference Championship: Packers over Eagles AFC: Steelers Pats Colts San Diego Jets Denver Wild Card round: Colts over Denver (rematch of last season) Chargers over Jets Divisional Round: Chargers over Steelers Pats over Colts Conference Championship: Pats over Chargers Superbowl: Pats over Packers
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Instead of debating the uncertain, let's talk about how the Redskins defense is the friggin bomb, and we tore apart the Vikings. The game was not as close as the score showed, we ate up Daunte and shut down Moss, except for one play. If only our offense could produce some points.
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Actually if the Vikings line had not had two holding calls and if Burleson hadn't dropped that pass, the Redskins would have given up 39 points to the Vikings, so I wouldn't be too proud of that defense just yet...
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On the flipside, if Daunte had been called for the three intentional groundings that he did that were ignored, and if the skins hadn't been called for the tickytack roughing the passer that they got hit with, three of the Vikings best offensive series would have been quashed. #2 aint that bad. only 100 yds or so behind the steelers.
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I only saw the first half, but I have to say my Vikings suck this year (again). Piss-poor play selection and (often) inept execution. "Gee, let's try another draw play up the gut. Hasn't worked yet--maybe it'll fake out the defense THIS time..." Can't believe Tice got his contract extension. Can't believe they made the playoffs...they didn't earn it; they don't deserve it.
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I thought the game was called pretty clean, one of the holding calls was really questionable, as he was tangled up with the blocker and it was completely irrelevant to the play as Culpepper was like 20 yards away, in any case, anytime you have more than one touchdown nullified by penalty and win by less than a TD, you should consider yourself lucky. The Redskins would be a pretty good team if they got themselves a QB.
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The Redskins would be a pretty good team if they got themselves a QB.
Patrick Ramsey is perfectly adequate.  Gibbs has never needed a top-flight quarterback (see Joe Theismann, Doug Williams, Mark Rypien) to win championships.  What Gibbs needs to do to turn the team around is completely retool the offense.  His max protect system is detracting from the passing game, and he needs to redesign the blocking schemes to take advantage of Portis's cutback style of running.
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I think that may have worked in the era that he played in, but if he wants to field a team capable of contending for a superbowl, IMO he needs a playmaker at QB. Teams like Tampa and Baltimore winning superbowls were abberations IMO.
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Wouldn't it be a cold cruel way to end a season if the legs of Vick were to beat the wings of Philly all because of a lost TO....ironic isn't it, however I think hard to phathom...but as an Atlantan, it would be nice, and miracles do sometimes happen in mysterious ways.
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I think Atlanta should worry about making the championship game first, they don't have an easy matchup against GB, who will really test their defense...
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