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If your item is backordered, it means they are out of stock and you will not be getting it.
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Like you all, I got shorted. 9 things I ordered only minutes after the sale went to 80% came up as backordered. I'm fairly certain they're filling orders in random order. Over the course of several days, I've watched items on my order status page slowly disappear.

It's truly amateur hour at Blue Bee. I'll never understand internet retailers who refuse to buy live inventory software. And they've had weeks to try to solve this problem--my first order weeks ago when the sale was at 60% was also shorted. While I may try to scoop up some more stuff if this sale ever comes back, I'm never purchasing anything from them at retail again.
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^agreed, out of the eight things I ordered one has marked as shipped... pretty dissapointing, I have never had problems of this magnitude with any other online retailers, except for maybe J Crew which might possibly have the worst online system and customer service help, bluebee is def. creepin up there on the shitty scale.
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Originally Posted by quevola View Post
Yeah, great news - 80% sale has been extended one more day! Now I can order more sh*t that I will never get!!!


not buying software to take care of this issue is one thing.

making a decision to go from 60 to 80% too soon is simply foolish when they did not have it organized at the beginning of the sale.

just keep it at 60% for awhile until they get everything in order.

and they dont know what 'backorder' means
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I sent them another email this morning expressing my errr "dissatisfaction" with their service... no reply of course but I did mention this thread - hopefully they do a little spying around to read about how their customers really feel and fix their problems.
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I just checked on my order after seeing you guys comments. The pants I ordered Sunday is now showing "back-ordered", all this time and they never bother to inform me of this. At least let me know the stuff I've ordered isn't in stock. Definitely won't bother shopping on their site anymore.
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backorder means you will eventually get it . it is just on backorder.

but evidently , they dont know what backorder means!

they think

backorder=out of stock period


hey . might as well just advertise that you have
Dior 21cm all sizes 90% OFF!!
Edward Green Top Drawer all sizes and colors 90% OFF
and make droves of people come to your site,
make them shopping bag everything and purchase
and then let them know 1 week later . sorry, that stuff was made up.

like the car advertisement that gets you in the door..
you find out it never existed "sorry got sold last week"
and you eventually leave the dealership with a car anyways.
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Yeah it sucks finding a nice pair of diesel jeans in a grey wash marked down from 385 to 76..then ordering it, being all excited waiting to get it...picking out shirts to go with it and what not...and then cchecking your order status and finding out youre not getting it. And the website didnt even tell you, you had to find out on your own.

And then this repeating itself with 5 other items.

Seriously, fuck bluebee -- I wont ever order another thing from there at full retail price. And if they do have another 80% off sale, I might try to order some things -- but at least Ill know ahead of time that half my order wont be arriving.
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Originally Posted by BrettChaotix View Post
I sent them another email this morning expressing my errr "dissatisfaction" with their service... no reply of course but I did mention this thread - hopefully they do a little spying around to read about how their customers really feel and fix their problems.

Likewise. I sent them an email telling them that my experience with them was more than unsatisfactory, and a few days later, they had the audacity to send me a form letter "hoping I had a positive experience" with them.
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1) out of 4 items, only one hs been charged. Although this morning it was "shipped", now it is "backordered". wtf? why can't the other 3 items be backordered? Whats the diff between the two things?
2) there's gotta be like a class action lawsuit we can bring on against them. where are the lawyers on our forum. i don't care about damages. i just want specific performance--i.e. I WANT THAT BAG FOR $180!!!
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Fuck, so first they removed my Rag and Bones, but my parajumpers jacket was still there. Then earlier in the week they said that was pending shipment and charged my credit card, and NOW it says backordered!

What the hell are they doing, I want my money back for an item that I apparently wont be receiving.
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Hot damn atleast half of my 80% order shipped out today and had a depture scan which is good news assuming the don't screw up more and do something like sending me the wrong item... So I'll be getting a new pair of jeans after all, my hoodie was "backordered" though. All in all, I'd say that 50% shipping rate is pretty good considering how shitty the percentages of people getting what they ordered. I'll know the rest when it arrives.
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well, i got my april77 today in the mail.

i got to say though, for what it's worth, they did a good job packing it, and the merchandise is absolutely brand new and looks great.

great deal on the april77.

now on to making sure they did not charge my card for the rest.
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how long did yall hafta wait? my order has said "shipped" for about a week now...
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i waited like 4-5 days until they shipped after order, and then it came pretty quickly like about 3 days for ship to arrive.
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