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Blue suede shoes

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What do you think of blue suede shoes, the shoes not the song? I'm thinking of a cap top oxford. Are they practical at all? Would they be acceptable under a suit? I should add the pair I saw were dark, navy blue, if that makes a difference.
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Acceptable in song only. Or maybe on women.
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I should add the pair I saw were dark, navy blue, if that makes a difference.
No difference. Seriously bad idea. Unless you are in show business or some field where it pays be regarded as an eccentric. Even then it will still be a style faux pas. But I am something of a stickler for the old "rules."
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Thanks for the sober words. I saw a pair at the Crockett & Jones sale and they looked great, but I had the feeling they wouldn't be very practical. I'll let them sit on the shelf, where I'd guess they've been for a while.
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Flusser opines that shoes in leather other than black or brown looks fake and contrived (they "never connoted much class or taste" and are "stylishly sophomoric" and are never appropriate unless they're in suede or velvet "in such status-conferring classics as the Gucci buckled slip-on, Belgian loafer, or Prince Albert dress slipper" -- Style and the Man, p. 42), and Manton obviously agrees with him. I don't. I happen to like good burgundy leather, even leather that's not shell cordovan. Heck, I even have seen green shoes that I like. Navy shoes, either in smooth or grained leather or in suede, can be stunning. It would be a bit silly to make them the backbone of your shoe collection, but there's nothing wrong or tasteless about having a pair or two. I might wear a navy suede Prince Albert slipper with a midnight blue tuxedo (although I would more readily opt for scarlet suede), but I don't think that I would wear navy suede cap-toes with a suit. Something more casual would be more appropriate.
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I have no principled objection to navy or bottle green or burgundy velvet slippers, though I am not sure I would ever wear them. Something in the back of my head tells me they should only be worn at a country house or to stag events at a London club. Amazingly, I rarely get invited to either. I do think that only shell cordovan looks good in burgundy. (I have two pairs.) And I shudder at the thought of suede navy captoes.
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And I shudder at the thought of suede navy captoes.
To each his own. That just leaves more navy suede for me. I'd probably steer clear of cap-toes, though. Navy suede looks better in a wing-tip, a plain-toe blucher (either shoe or ankle boot), or in a Venetian loafer).
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Here is a link to a yahoo auction for a blue pair of E. Green Dovers: http://page11.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/n8271094
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Navy shoes in general are difficult to pair with clothing, in my experience. My husband has a pair, and he doesn't wear them often. They work with dark blue jeans (they are not suede). We've tried many combinations, and inevitably put them back in the closet. I'd examine my wardrobe and imagine before buying.
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Blue shoes - oh dear.
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Funny we're on this topic because there seems to be a really good selection of colored leather hi-end shoes in Japan. Which, if you've ever seen the fashion in Japan, isn't especially surprising. Bic, if you're actually interested in those shoes I think they have something similar at B1 of Men's Isetan in Shinjuku (just there yesterday). Probably not a Dover but the same color I believe. They have some EGs on 'sale' but that's just a 50% mark-up instead of their normal 100%... Glad to hear that black suede is OK because there's a pair of limited edition C&J handgrades in black suede with contrasting white stitching and a medallion. Subtle yet striking in my opinion. But is US $800 worth it for C&J handgrades? Sigh, so much to buy.. so little money..
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Blue shoes - oh dear.
Come, come, now: Wouldn't they look stunning with one of your blue cords?
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I'm with Mr. Jcusey here. I absolutely adore the Weston 180 in navy or blue suede. I have also seen the Green in green with matching belt by Green in green. I may probably won't find any use for blue dress shoes (cap toe or brogue), but casual loafers in blue --- definitely.
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I can think of no occasion when a gentleman would wear blue shoes. Brown suede goes perfectly with all my startling cords. I do, however, freely admit to being somewhat old-fashioned.
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I think I am siding more towards dark navy than blue (as in royal blue to sky blue).
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