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a lot of the replies are full-on milkshakes, which are great of course, but I think most smoothies tend to be either fruitier or healthier or both. Maybe this is Jamba Juice PR but it has made the current lexicon.

milkshakes can be made even without a blender, just mix up some ice cream and milk with a spoon. Used to do this as a kid.

Regarding yogurt, yes I use regular tub yogurt, many people use frozen yogurt dessert as a replacement for ice cream which works fine as well. Sorbet, sherbet, all work pretty much as well.

I used to put ice cubes in my smoothies but now I just omit it. Less bulk, less cold, and more flavor.
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the frozen banana is easily peeled and reduces the need for ice.
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Smoothies are ridiculously easy to make. My usual concoction goes something like this: -1 or 2 frozen bananas (just freeze them when they're going bad, imo no need to leave the peel on, but do so if you wish) -6-8 large frozen strawberries -few large spoonfuls yogurt -a bit of orange or mango juice to loosen things up -a little milk if needed -maple syrup to sweeten if desired or necessary. The basic "frozen banana + other fruit + yogurt + little bit of juice/milk" is really flexible depending on what other fruit you have either fresh or frozen. It's pretty much guaranteed to taste good if you follow this. Another juice/smoothie I made today which is really nice when it's hot out: -Couple large slices of chilled watermelon, cut into smallish cubes -8 frozen strawberries -dash of orange juice The watermelon is so full of liquid that you end up with a really nice juice from this. Also, I don't have any issues with "chunky" strawberries in smoothie. Just make sure that if you're using frozen ones there is enough liquid in there too. Or, get a better blender.
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Originally Posted by lee_44106 View Post
I was asking about simple receipes.

Some of you health nuts add whey powder: does that make it taste bad?

I recently came up with this: ice, apple juice, passion fruit concentrate, and sugar.

Those of you that use yogurt: Is this just standard store bought yogurt? Does it thicken the smoothie?

Just plain yogurt, the kind that comes in 32 oz tubs. You can use vanilla if you want it sweeter, but the fruit is usually plenty sweet for me.

EDIT: I'm surprised that you'd need sugar with apple juice and passion fruit.
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Originally Posted by Tarmac View Post
You puree the banana with the peel on?

No. After the banana comes out of the freezer, I break it in half, slit each half down the middle, and pop the fruit out of the skin.
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