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Sierra Trading Post has a good deal on a Barbour Beaufort sporting jacket in 36 ($128). This is the original one made in England rather than in Bulgaria or Estonia that they also sell. I've placed an order and will see how it fits.
I got my order and I'd highly recommend the Barbour Beaufort jacket in 36. Fit and quality appear very high. Sierra Trading Post has run out of the size but hopefully they'll restock again.
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Novalis, We make ties by hand in Denver with handwoven Thai silk. Which is typically more iridescent than Italian silk and has a crisper texture. Making a 53" tie with the width around 3" would be no problem at all. We are planning on carrying short ties on a regular basis but we have not finalized what the width should be. 3" or 3 1/4"? So at the moment we are just doing custom orders. Please take a look at our site when you get a chance:
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Mulberry, thanks for the heads up. There's a short tie thread. Unfortunately it doesn't seem very definitive. My vote goes for 3" and 52-54", which is fairly narrow, but my guess is that more guys prefer 3.25".
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Novalis, Thanks for the short tie link. 53" should work as the length just below the standard 57". Usually, we jump by 4" in length for the next size up or down. 3" is probably as you say just a touch narrower than most men would want. So we will probably start making ties in a 3 1/4" width. I think we will make patterns in 3" & 3 1/2" width also so that we can make within a couple days what people want (if we have the fabric on hand). Last week I was in a library talking to a reference librarian, and I noticed that he was wearing a very narrow tie which looked great on him. It turned out that he had inherited a large collection of narrow ties and wore them every day. I think that the ties were from the fifties but I may be mistaken. I will have to ask him the next time I stop by the library.
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Here's an interesting piece for one of you smaller guys to consider: dark gray 100% cashmere Prada black label sport jacket in 36S
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