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Suit Advice please?

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I have been reading the posts on this forum for a while now and find them to be a wealth of knowledge. However, being a newbie, although I can somewhat "piece" together the answers I am looking for from various threads and multiple hours, I thought I would just post my particular situation and questions and let the experts guide me in the right direction. I am just turning 30 and badly need to upgrade my current wardrobe....Due to the recent birth of my 2nd child, I am not about to go wild with the $$, however, I am in an industry where my clients are "c-level" I still need to look good. I have read many posts about getting great suits on e-bay etc. and I would be very willing to do that....I guess I am looking for some brands for my size/age that are professional but still relatively "young". My budget is around 5-700 and I figure that could get me a nice RTW suit off of ebay? heck, I'd even get two if I could. I would lean blue as that is a staple of the business dress for color. As for my measurements, I am 5'11 180ish. I measure at a 42R coat and 33 inch waist. You could say I am in the "athletic build" category...being a former collegiate tennis player. I have seen in other posts a recommendation for Corneliani, Canali, Oxxford etc. but didn't know if these would be a good call for my situation or not. Thanks so much from a newbie and let me know if any other info is needed to better assess.
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Welcome to the forum. You're inquiring about suits that are professional and young. I think you'll find that any modern suit would fit that description, so long as it fit very well. Fit is really the key. Maybe you could post a picture of your best fitting suit, and members can comment? That way, you can take those measurements and compare them to those of ebay auctions. I'd also suggest that you go to a local store and try on different brands of coats. It's hard to pick up on the differences in style online, but in person and side-by-side, it's easy. You'll start noticing that you like or dislike certain silhouettes. With 6-7 hundred, you can do VERY well on ebay. I just bought a new Kiton suit for less than $700 last week. In addition to the brands you mentioned, here are some other brands you should look at: Zegna, Barbara, Belvest and Vestimentia.
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I think Oxxford would suit (hur hur) you best. Their suits are understated and have subtleties that speak to those who know and those that don't. You could easily get one or maybe two from Ebay with that amount of money. Save some money for tailoring.
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Thanks for the feedback....the brands you mention, as well as the ones I included...can these all be "tried on" in a local higher-end department store...i.e. Nordstrom...Also, I live in the maryland area and work in D.C. quite a bit so I would have access to saks, neiman etc.  And, speaking of geography, do any of these brands lend themselves better to "east coast" style as opposed to, say, the west coast? Seeing as it is the new year time, are there usually some great sales in Jany-Feb at these stores that may be a better way to go as opposed to online? thanks again for all of the help
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I wouldn't worry about a suit "looking young". I am 33 and I like suits with classic style characteristics. If a younger look is required, it can be achieved using other sartorial elements (shirt, tie, pocket square, shoes, etc). Drop into some of your local discounters. Good deals can be had at times for even better prices than ebay. You may get lucky.
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I think that some of the larger Nordstoms carry Canali, so you could probably get a chance to try them on. I've got Canali suits I bought as I was turning 30, and I'm still wearing them now that I'm (quite a bit) older. Go with a classic look, and it will serve you well for a long time. Any of the brands you mention probably would be fine in RTW. However, they all will fit a bit differently. You may find that you are a size larger in Canali than you are in Oxxford, for example. Visit your local department stores and try on various clothes before you try the ebay route, as ebay clothing typically isn't returnable for fit issues. Kai
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If you wanna deal with someone who is honest and the prices aren't half bad I would give John at FIH some consideration. But with $700, you can easily do good on e-bay. It's a goldmine.
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I am also in my 30s but classic suits never make me look any older. remember it is also your combination with your dress shirts and ties that gives you the final look. Navy blue suits can easily match with many dress shirts and ties. right combination of your navy blue suit with stripe or check dress shirts can bring out a younger you. choose interesting stripes or checks.
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Thanks for the mentioned Zegna as one brand. What is your take on this one on ebay anyone ever dealt with this this authentic? almost appears as if it's a "to-good-to-be-true" case.
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You may have read these threads already but I found them particularly useful to me: On the topic of quality of suits that was a great thread and follow the linked thread in that post as well for more discussion of the various makers. On the topic of how to measure suits for eBay you can't do any better than this one by A. Harris. On the topic of eBay sellers this one was first rate and is pinned. I won't comment on the authenticity of the suit but will say that for someone listing as many suits as this seller they have pretty low feedback and a couple of claims about selling fakes so based purely on that I'd be cautious. Of course he/she just listed another one in your size for $1. Good luck.
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I love Canali. Very well made suit IMO. It has some hand work and I think it is on par with Ermengildo Zegna but at much lower retail price. However, Canali does not have same type of presence/feel that Kiton or Brioni gives. New Canali 14xxx models have more tapered torso, so it is more ideal for fitted body. I think most of new Canali suits are super 120 fabrics and they look and feel nice.
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Personally I would look at Belvest, Barbera, Isaia, Brioni (although this could be out of your price range) and a few others. Canali and Corneliani quite good as well although on ebay you could probably do better than that.
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thanks for all of the feedback and links for info.  I am headed out to DC this week to try on some jackets and figure out which silhouettes I like the best.  Then snoop around on ebay for my measurements.  A few more questions: - any ballpark for what it would cost to alter a fine suit that I would purchase on ebay, assuming it's close to my measurements?  I know it probably varies on the extent of the work done, but are we talking ~$100 or many times that?(i hope not the latter) - does anyone else have any comments on whether this seller is offering authentic Zegna? I didn't know if you were able to tell by the pictures alone.   Thanks again
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As much as I like attractive prices on eBay, I would not get a suit from eBay until I am familiar with the suit maker. For me, it took me many suit purchases and alteration experiences to understand proper suit fitting. I think it is wiser for you to buy first few suits in store. I believe 'Su Misura' is made to measure. If the Zegna suit is real thing, then it must be return item from someone who did MTM Zegna suit. But you never know whether it is real or not until you get the suit and exam it in person. But if you never owned a real Zegna suit, how would you know if your eBay Zegna suit is real or not? (checking for canvase is one of the ways ..)
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For tailoring costs it depends on how much you have to have done. Normally you're looking in the $100+ range for typical alterations to the trousers and coat. If you're willing to go quality used (pre-owned?) I might suggest emailing Chuck (aka "sartorialsolutions" on ebay) your measurements and seeing what he's got (or could get). He's currently on the hunt for a suit for me. He's a board regular that many of us will vouch for. Being in the DC area I would also try Filene's. Isn't there supposed to be a big Bergdorf's shipment in Feb. that someone mentioned? I'll also chime in for classic styling and adding interest with your tie, pocket square, etc. Don't skimp on shoes.
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