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Pediwear sale

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Hey everyone, just thought I'd let you know the Pediwear sale has started.
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Anyone knows how much shipping to US?
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Anyone know how long the sale runs? Ech, what am I thinking?
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No idea how long the sale lasts, but here's the shipping information for world shipping:
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Pediwear have annoyed me a bit recently. On 18 December I ordered a pair of boots online, and I still have not received them. I telephoned today to complain and was told they were not despatched until 23 December (despite receiving an email clearly stating they were despatched on 20 December). I personally feel 5 days is a bit excessive a delay to post something, especially when that delay was during post office working days, and they manage to send them just in time to sit in some warehouse for 4 days on the trot due to the holidays. If they do not arrive tomorrow it will not be until at least 4 January before they get here. 17 days, not good enough. Saying all that they were £91, and I saw the exact same boot (Alfred Sargent snuff Bexhill) in Clarke and Dawe recently for £137.50, so it is not all bad. (and Shipton and Hennage for £105) Out of interest, anyone already got these boots?
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How's the typical sizing for the C&J handgrades again? I heard people talking about ordering 1 size down, instead of 0.5, to convert to common US sizes?
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and not one shoe on sale in my size that I want.... pity
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Hey everyone, just thought I'd let you know the Pediwear sale has started.
It might be the time to get a pair of Trickers, but still unsure about fit. Plus it would disallow me from my constant refrain of it's time to get a pair of Tricks.
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