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Does anybody know, what sunglasses these are? I cant see the name. Could it be diesel? Definitely not rayban or something like DG and else. If you dont know, maybe you can tell me, where i can get sunglasses like these. I cant find them anywhere. Thx for your help.
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a colleague of mine exports sunglasses out of italy. i'll send him the pic and ask him, he'll probably have a definitive answer if youre willing to wait a couple days
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ill be glad ^^
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They look like Burberry to me.

The link is not exactly like the image - but these sunglasses could be an older model perhaps. The writing on the side in the picture has the same overall shape an length that's on some Burberry sunglasses. Hope that guides you in the right direction,

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yes it could be burberry.
it looks like these one, but darker.
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Correct, similar indeed. On the picture you provided the area above the nose has a stronger and more pronounced dip.
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might be POLICE or SPY - they both have very similar ones
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Not SPY, but they look like women's glasses anyway. The Burberry ones are for sure.
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ive got other pict of those glasses...... damn, theyre awesome
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Based on that logo they could be Prada.
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They always looked female to me, but those glasses in the link your provided look spot on. It that Travis from Blink 182?
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Don't go for the women's glasses that obviously look like they are women's. It is more socially accpetited for women to wear men's glasses, but not for men to wear women's. Besides...
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is that Travis Barker?
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