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I rather like Bookers, and at $50-60 it's a great drinker. For $100 though I can get decent Scotch and lots of other options... Add on $10-15 sure, but almost double price, come on guys.
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Bookers isn't bad but I'm not reaching for it. I'd rather buy 4R single barrel and save a few bucks. I'd also say in the same price range ecbp would be preferable.

With that being said, I'm going to pour some of this year's orvw, which I think is excellent.
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Booker's is probably my favorite of the widely available bourbons today, but yeah, I'd say my ceiling would be $60 to $70 and at any thing higher, I'd migrate to something else, like Noah's Mill, a barrel pick of 4R, or something from Smooth Ambler. I was pleased to see that it appears to have been a ploy to have the shelves cleared, and the price increase will be limited to something in the $75 area, but at that price, I will likely finish up the bottles I have on hand and move on to some of the local barrel picks from Four Roses and Belle Meade. Bummer.
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Smooth Ambler Old Scout is worth it, IMHO. MGP juice, but well chosen.
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^ Agree. I've had the 7 year and it was really good. Several reviews I read said the 7 was just as good as the 10 year.
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Had a late night dinner at the bar of a steakhouse in town. Had a pour each of M10, Elliott's, and Booker's Rye. Booker's Rye is the real deal, and M10 was excellent, as usual. Elliott's was spicy and okay, but I felt was the weakest link of the three.
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Anyone ever try the whistle pig eye? I've been obsessed with this stuff
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Originally Posted by taxgenius View Post
Originally Posted by Huntsman View Post

Sazerac 6year rye, formerly about $29, now $120.

Plenty of stores still have it at $29

I wish that was in my neighborhood.

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Anyone ever try the whistle pig eye? I've been obsessed with this stuff

It's ok, but overpriced. Alberta Rye is the same and cheaper
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I like (in no particular order):



4 Roses Single Barrel

Makers 46


Eagle Rare


All under $50 a bottle and all pretty decent.  IMO many of the common "high end" you see in restaurants is not so great, Basil, Bookers, Woodford.  Not bad but not fantastic.


Last time I was in Houston for business we were offered Pappy 23 at a very high end place.  My boss and I both agreed and he spit out the first sip and said it tasted like gasoline.  I forcibly commandeered the drink and ordered him a Ketel and tonic.

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Just picked up Barrel Bourbon New Years 2017. Excited to try it this weekend.
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When It comes to bourbon, I prefer (from the bottom to the top @750ml):


1. Four Roses Yellow Label at $28 CAD


2. Four Roses Small Batch at $40 CAD


3. 1792 Small Batch Kentucky Bourbon at $50 CAD


4. Eagle Rare 10 year at $55 CAD


5. Makers Mark 46 at $62 CAD


6. Blantons at $67 CAD


7. Booker's Straight Bourbon at $86 CAD



For Canadian Whisky


1. JP Wiser's Deluxe at $28 CAD


2. Lot No. 40 Copper Pot Reserve at $40 CAD


I have more that this, but the above is on my list to be restocked. I really like Bookers. Very intense and hot.

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+1, I really like Bookers too. Also have the Eagle Rare 10 and like Makers. I've got a 4R Single Barrel bottle I think. I'm no expert on this stuff but based on your list there I also liked Elijah Craig, didn't care for Weller or Willet. Not sure if that helps.
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Four Roses Single Barrel.... I taste raspberry! Elijah Craig has a lot of barrel taste in the flavour. Not sure if you are talking W.L. Weller or not. It would be in the medium to lower price range at $36 CAD.


Woodford Reserve is another that I like, with a butterscotch taste. Buffalo Trace has heavy vanilla hit. Bookers? Vanilla, Cinnamon and this unusual warmth from the uncut liquid.



I won't bother with the Jim Beam Black again because at that price point, the Four Roses Yellow label provides a superior taste for less money, IMHO. Also, I have George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey, which I find superior to JB Black.


I really like the Lot No. 40. If you can get it and like apple pie, that one is for you. 



This is pretty good for the money.


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