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Gents, I've got a deep bourbon collection of some items that are appropriate for a celebratory occasion - like the holidays. The bourbon market is crazy right now, but if anyone here is looking for something special, LMK. For example, I have Stizel-Weller Pappy 20 (2004), and some other unobtainium goods. PM me for info.

A couple of photos of items available for those with fat stacks (please know the market for this before PMing me with under-market offers).

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Impressive collection of Van Winkles.
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07 WLW. Nice looking bottle.
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Originally Posted by Krish the Fish View Post

07 WLW. Nice looking bottle.

I have older Stagg as well. There's more Van Winkle, some good old Jefferson 17 and 18 (all S-W), some early 4 Roses barrels.

I don't buy to collect, I buy to drink so I'm not one of these guys with a lot of repeat bottles, but I have some good stuff and some overlap on bottles I really like.
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was wondering what happened with the PA release lottery for BTAC as they were supposed to announce the winners this week. ended up on a reddit thread and saw that people received notifications a few days ago...

went into my email and did a search for good measure - found that I'll be receiving a bottle of WLW.
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