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I am looking to find a readily available bourbon that has the most vanilla taste/nose to it. Can any of you provide some suggestions for a vanilla bomb?




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This weekends finds:


Estes Park


Estes Park will be a gift to my dad on his birthday, hope to crack it, strain it (some of the cork broke down) and taste something from his and my mom's birth year together). OGD was cracked and is delicious, very different profile to the 70s and 80s OGD I have tried. OF will be busted open soon.
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Very cool!
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Picked these up today.

If anyone is in Ontario, they are starting to set out this release and it's only $80.

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Do you Canucks get 750ml or 700?
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750ml 56.1%   Is that the same you got?

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Originally Posted by joelscott7 View Post

750ml 56.1%   Is that the same you got?

Yessir. Enjoy, thats some delicious juice!
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