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I'm adding an entry to my life goals: scotch closet.

I have a bookshelf sort of thing in the kitchen. It's in direct line of sight from the front door, and makes sort of a shrine to booze moment. It's the first thing you see (visually) when you walk in, could have thought that out better. Pesky townhouses.
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Originally Posted by joelscott7 View Post

You both seem to have very understanding wives!

My wife partakes just as much as I do. The hates the "hunt", which is one of the things I love, but LOVES the drink.
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I need a pic of the bedroom scotch closet!!

Its a disaster and spilling out onto the floor...boxes stacked three high.

Found this bad boy while hunting Jersey yesterday:

Along with some beautiful single malts.
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Just tried the Four Roses for Binny's Barrel Proof Single Barrel OBSO. Really digging the combination of a high-rye mashbill and a fruitier yeast; it's my clear favorite from them thus far. It's amazing how different the Four Roses expressions are from one another.
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Hmmm ok so as you guys probably remember I'm just starting out and want to check off a few major buckets... So I'm playing with bourbon and rye.

What I own os just some bourbon, which is Beam white and eagle rare 10.

I'm on NYC for the week and went past Astors to check selection. Here's what I'm thinking and would like some advice (going to pick 1-2).

For bourbon, I'm thinking Bookers (sale) $50, otherwise I saw Elijah Craig ($25?), and saw Buffalo Trace somewhere else ($25) or also saw Bulleit. I'm leaning towards Bookers unless you guys can recommend something better?

And then for Rye, I don't own any and was thinking something like Smooth ambler old scout 7 $40 or bulleit $35 or sazerac $35 or Rittenhouse ($25) or Redemption house $22

What do you guys think? If picking one bourbon and one rye with the goal of getting a basic idea for the flavors...
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the main difference with Bookers compared to the others you listed is that Bookers is bottled right from the barrel. the others would've been to cut with water to lower the ABV. I like bookers, but it's quite hot drinking neat. I always need to add a little bit of water. if you want that sort of thing, definitely do it, but just giving you a little heads up not to take a big gulp of it right away.

you can't go wrong with Elijah Craig 12 Year. I always have bottles of that around.

As for the rye, I would go with the Saz or Rittenhouse. I haven't tried the Ambler whatever. Bulleit isn't bad either
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^ If you have Eagle Rare, then going with Buffalo Trace and Sazerac lets you explore the same distillery. Rittenhouse and Old Olverholt are both classic American rye at great prices. Around $40 for bourbon opens up solid choices like Michter's, Four Roses and Russel Reserve. Enjoy the hunt.
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i also actually like whistle pig for rye despite the price.

i would look for some elmer t lee in the city but I'm also in love with elijah craig 12 if you can't find elmer t lee
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I would recommend something that you can't get at the lcbo. I have yet to try them, but would look to angels envy or mitchers or a four roses single barrel. There are so many bourbons available that we don't get in Ontario, it would be worth trying one of them.

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It's not bourbon, but the LCBO has Masterson's rye which is quite nice.
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Great thanks guys!
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tonight's first pour is '13 ER17. like this year's Stagg, I like this one a lot more after the first couple pours.
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tonight's first pour is '13 ER17. like this year's Stagg, I like this one a lot more after the first couple pours.

I have mine up on the block...I've heard its the best of the BTAC this year, but I just so much prefer a good Barrel Proof.
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Maybe it's from drinking so much stagg but the Thomas h handy hides its alcohol a lot better. I like it better than the sazerac 18 even diluted. I like stagg even better tho
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Parker's heritage 7th really reminds me of pappy 15. It's a 10 yo but was placed higher up in the warehouse. I think I might buy a bottle for myself. I've seen it for $90 a bottle which seems like a lot for a 10 yo but IMO it's worth it.
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Originally Posted by joelscott7 View Post

You both seem to have very understanding wives!


My partner enjoys a cocktail as much as I do -- our current bar is in a huge china cabinet in the dining room, because why not? It is overflowing rather a bit into the sideboard. Maybe the worst pics ever:


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