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Buying from bluefly.com... any good?

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I saw a link to Blufly.com in another post and was wondering what people thought about it. What about any other similar sites? Jeff
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I just checked it out. If you know your sizes for different designers by trying things on in a store you could probably do pretty well shopping there. It would be a harder for the shoes though and i'm not sure i'd wanna spend even 150 bucks on shoes that don't fit. Overall they have some good brands and the prices are definitely very good. Canali makes very nice suits for the price so if you buy off the rack suits that's probably a good place to get them.
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Well, I just put an order in for some shirts. We'll see. BTW, there is a coupon code for 15% off if you buy something there. Just put in "161" when placing the order. Jeff
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cool. post to this thread when u get your stuff and let us know what you think after you get your shirts.
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Well, I got my bluefly order. I was actually quite surprised because it only took them 2 days to ship to california. They couldn't have shipped it until the 6th, I got the notification on the 7th and much to my surprise I got it on the 8th. But, alas I didn't like the shirts... but that isn't bluefly's fault. So, now I'll be testing their return policy. Jeff
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Yeah, I've had a good bit of trouble with figuring out the sizing on things with bluefly, they haven't been much help answering questions. They're good with customer service. I stick with ebay since atleast you can ask someone about how those things fit.

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Holy thread resurrection!
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Originally Posted by amerikajinda View Post
Holy thread resurrection!

Seriously. Six years, four months, and 6 days. This may set some sort of record for resurrecting old threads.
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what the hell was this person thinking?
"man i sure hope he hasnt spent the last 6 years like he is the only one who has ever had problems with bluefly, i should let him know i can feel his pain"
and man oh man jsinger986 hasnt been active for a while. he was last on the boards from December 17, 1969. man that was a good year
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