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WTB: Cheap Digital Camera

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I am looking for a new digital camera since my last one crapped out on me. It doesn't have to be super fancy as i'd mainly use it for taking pictures of stuff to sell online, occasionaly waywt pics, and sometimes for when my friends have parties/shows/other occasions. Not looking to spend a lot of money but just something used and cheap. Nothing over $75shipped, and i'd prefer something under $50 as long as the picture quality is alright.

My last was a canon powershot a75 which despite the 3.2 mp, took good pictures (better than some 4 and 5 mps i've seen). I saw some go for $30-60 on ebay and something like that would be fine i suppose. Just let me know as i'm still scanning craigslist but don't know much about cameras so i don't know what i should look for on ebay.
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One of the best inexpensive cameras you can buy is a powershot S50. You can get it in your pricerange. While it's only a 5mp camera it takes quality shots.

What kind of zoom/features are you looking for?

You may also want to check out this site: http://www.dpreview.com/ for research

If you can afford to break the $100 barrier:

There isn't really a lot out there in the sub $100 bracket right now, but if you're patient and check sites like dealigg.com and techbargains.com you can find a really great deal on a much better camera then you would trying to get one on ebay.

Good luck

PS. Don't forget about a memory card!
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