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Need an overcoat?

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Cantarelli Overcoat Ridiculously cheap. It would be a sin if it did not go to one of our illustrious members...
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Try though I did, I just couldn't help myself: for $183, and just $7 shipping & handling, this Cantarelli overcoat was too attractive to pass by.  Thanks for the heads-up, Andrew   . I don't know how many of this item Yoox still had in inventory when you posted, but they are now gone.
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speaking of overcoats...a bit on the pricy side, but there are two Sartoria Attolini overcoats on ebay right now, both 42reg. wow... close to $2000 on buy it now, however.
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I saw those coats this morning being offered by a seller in Santa Monica, with a double-breasted model as well.  They are the most wonderfully styled coats, albeit pricey.  I've bought from the seller before, and can say that Ian is very professional and accommodating.  Were I prepared today to spend $2000 (single-breasted) to $3000 (double-breasted) for the "Buy It Now" price, I would unreservedly purchase from this seller.
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