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Thoughts on these shoes?

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These seem to be basic, well made black wingtips at a good sale price. Anyone know who makes them? I don't think C&J at this price. Polos
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They're nice. Obviously not C&J, being made in Italy. No clue as to which factory/maker is behind these. They're available (or were available) on Ebay, at slightly lower prices - possibly $100 or so. A number of sellers have/had them.
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Yuck.  If you have to wear black shoes, make them as sleek and unnoticeable as possible.  All that broguing makes for too busy a black shoe.  It looks like the tread of a tire. That said, the same shoe in cordovan (color and material) or suede (chocolate or tobacco) is quite lovely. Oh, hell, don't listen to me. No, wait.  Have you thought about trying to create a wardrobe that doesn't require the support of black shoes?  I am working on it right now, and it has forced me to deal with some very interesting questions.  But that is another matter.
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I own them at $99 when they last went on sale. they run a tad short, go 1/2 size + otherwise standard wings... i've owned many and these are about the same
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