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On a side note, after all the relentless "American Trad" propaganda about Alden cordovan here and on "Asky Andy", I finally broke down and bought my first Alden cordovan penny loafers since 1965. A cordial if dubious thanks to Superfly, Horace, Harris, et al. It's back to school for me. Incidentally, besides khakis (I don't like) and corduroy (which I do like) what trousers do y'all wear with these shoes (nowadays). What belt (other than grosgrain ribbon)?. Advice appreciated on this retro style adventure. Incidentally, Stu, I spoke to my family expert on cordovan matters (who does not post here) and he told me that, except for the lining, there were no differences at all between the Brooks and Alden versions. Sorry also, Stu, for what appears to be a partial hijack.
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OK, now another question:  I saw reference to a steep discount on BB now, in addition to the sale, someone mentioned another $50 off. I searched the forum high and low and can't seem to locate that post. The BB penny loafers are currently $438, but does someone remember something about another $50 discount somewhere?   Thanks..
There was another 15% off, online only, on the 26th and 27th. That sale is now over.
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