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Charles Tyrwhitt dress shirts

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I recently visited the Tyrwhitt website and ended up ordering three shirts along with my planned purchase (damn you styleforum...). I know there is a solid return policy but still, returning three shirts would be pretty annoying. How is the fit considering I'm pretty slim but would likely wear the shirts for work?
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I do not know if this will help, but I wear a 16.5" neck, 43" jacket, and 34" pants. That said, I find the C-T shirts to be fine through the chest and shoulders and a bit billowy through the waist. In contrast, I find most American shirts (e.g., Hickey-Freeman, Lands-End, BB) to be far more tent-like. If, however, you wish a slim fitting shirt, C-T is unlikely to fill that need.
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I bought a fitted shirt from them. It was still too wide at the waist. (14 1/2" neck, 33" sleeve. I have a 31" waist, and the shirt was too wide). Haven't washed the shirt yet, so I don't know if washing it will shrink it enough to avoid having to bring it to a tailor really make it be a "fitted" shirt (which defeated the purpose of buying a fitted shirt). The price wasn't bad, considering the 50% discount. I loved the fabric/colors tough.
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I am not generally a fan of CT shirts. However, I recently bought two of their non-iron shirts as they are quite good for travelling. One fitted well, whilst the other appeared to have been made for an orang-utan. I returned it, and tried another in the same colour; it was the same bad fit. CT staff couldn't explain the difference, but did mention that they had seen several examples of the same shirt returned. I exchanged it for a cotton/cashmere mix casual shirt which is actually rather good.
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I agree with the other posts.  CT shirts are not slim fitting, but not unwearably large either.  They are a good deal at 50% off.  Stay away from the french cuffs, which are way too large. For slim-fitting shirts, I really like Turnbull & Asser.  At a lower price point, Polo Phillip Collection shirts are pretty nice.
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I agree with marc237 - Charles Tyrwhitt shirts are cut more like standard American shirts - so if you are looking for a slimmer fit, then look elsewhere. I would also add that beyond the fit - I find Charles Tyrwhitt shirts to be overpriced for shirts made in Eastern Europe or North Africa but pitched as "English" shirts. In fact many of the Jermyn Street names no longer assemble their shirts in England (e.g., T.M.Lewin and Thomas Pink). So if you want authenticity (which to me means attention to traditional details such as the patterns of my shirts matching where the sleeve joins the shoulder, mother of pearl buttons, etc.) try Hilditch & Key (assembled in Scotland), Turnbull & Asser (assembled in England), New & Lingwood (mixed - but mostly in England) or my personal favourite Coles (England). All four brands are top quality but I'd highlight Coles for one main reason - price. The company left Jermyn Street for a workshop in North London and adjusted their pricing structure accordingly (ready to wear shirts top out at £50 (£43 ex-VAT). Think of it this way; you loose nothing in terms of quality but you avoid the mandatory mark-up that is needed to keep operations on one of the most expensive retail streets in London. As a matter of disclosure I have more than three shirts from every brand I've mentioned in this post. Anyway - if you are interested:
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Speaking of Coles, any experience with their neckties?
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Q: How do they fit? A: badly
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Coles ties are fine, but unless there's something remarkable about the tie, they are all quite similar to me. One noteworthy exception to that rule; Robert Talbott Seven Fold ties stand out in my mind as the best ties I've ever owned.
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I concur with the somewhat dim view of Tyrwhitt's fit. At 5'11" tall and 185 pounds, I'm by no means a slim man. And these shirts (of which I have three) fit more like a caftan than a dress shirt. Even more, I'm less than enthused by the shirts' quality. Despite my use of the brass collar stays, invariably one or both of the collar points curves under, even with a vigorous pressing. The only solution has been a generous application of starch.
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FWIW, I personally haven't found them all that billowy.  For reference, I am 6'3", about 185.  Pink I find to be rather Brooks Brothers-esque in terms of fit.   What I do have an issue with some of the shirts I have bought from them is quality.  For example, the standard white poplins are extremely thin, almost transluscent in the sleeves.  I have also found that their collars shrink more after a few launderings than other makes, such that I order a larger size than I usually take.   All of this said, my most recent purchases, two of the cutaway collar models, compare much more favorably to other makes.  Fit, sizing and collar.   In general, I think if one buys CT shirts on sale (and they usually have some sort of deal going on), then they are decent, every day kinds of shirts.
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This may be obsolete, as myh only order was a few years ago. Great collar, style, and decent fabric. Overall fit not too bad with sleeve adjustments. BUT-- the armholes were so high (and/or the shoulders were cut so square) that there were creases running from under my arms out onto the body of the shirt. A pity, because if the fit had been better I would cheerfully have made it my everyday shirt for use with tie.
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