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Ebay suit advice

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I'm looking at this "zegna" suit on ebay, and I'm wondering if any of you more experienced shoppers could clue me in. zegna suit here The suit has two labels on it, one saying TESSUTO ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA and the other saying ALBERTO MANCINI. I'm assuming the zegna label is for the fabric, but who exactly is alberto mancini -- a manufacturer? Secondly, how would I be able to tell if this suit were fused or not? Lastly, any opinions on the suit?
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Don't even think about it. Besides the fact that you're going to have to pay $41 (.) for shipping, the suit is probably shit. Zegna fabric can be had on the cheap and, when had on the cheap, is not particularly nice. This will just compound the construction problems the garment is sure to have.
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I second that. The seller is trying to make the impression that the suit is made by Zegna for this Mancini brand but more likely it's just the fabric or perhaps only the label. Somtimes I've seen 'Tessuto Ermenigildo Zegna' suits being auctioned and after a little investigation it turned out that tessuto just means fabric in italian. This is the same type of seller that will advertize a shirt as an Oxxford shirt in the caption but skip the extra 'x' in the description. When the customer complains it will be put down to a spelling error and the customer urged to read the description. B
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