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help - authentic ???

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Hi guys, I was checking Ebay for shirts, and I got to this one: ? However, the price looks  very suspicious (normaly 200+) ... Do you think this could be authentic?  ;> I'd rather buy MEXX for 40$ than fake PRADA for 60 ... Thanks for your opinions.
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Forget whether or not it's authentic. It's ugly.
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I'm not familiar with Prada's lines, but considering the seller has a lot of heavily logoed items for sale/sold, and buyer feedback says things like "hope this is the real mccoy." and comments that the item and tag don't match, I personally would have little confidence in it's authenticity.
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Signing on with shoreman's post. Plus one thing to note is that in my experience and observation, sellers offering (authentic) brands that are commonly faked will go out of their way to demonstrate authenticity by showing closeups of tags and highlighting other details that distinguish them from fakes. The fact that the seller is not doing this raises some suspicion, IMHO.
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