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Recommend a watch dealer in Singapore

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I'm visiting Singapore for the first time in a few weeks and have heard that it's a good place to buy watches below standard retail price. For my next purchase, my lead candidate is a Vacheron Constantin Dual Time Regulator, but I'm also looking at models by Ulysse Nardin, IWC, and Patek.

Does anyone have a strong recommendation for a reputable dealer in Singapore who carries one or more of these brands and who sells for substantially below prices available in the States or Europe? If prices aren't substantially less, then I won't bother. Note that I haven't concluded whether or not I will insist on buying from an authorized dealer.

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Singapore and Hong Kong have a great selection of authorized dealers and brands. But, do your research before leaving and decide exactly what you want and current "street" prices. Keep in mind the Internet has leveled the playing field and prices can be the same (or less) here in the US compared to other markets. In recent trips to Asia and Europe, I have not found great discounts compared to what I can get here. You should also weigh any cost savings with 1) paying duty and 2) not having local dealer (and distributor) support.

Having said all of that, Google Singapore watch dealer and see what you can find. Also, check manufacturers' web sites and look for authorized dealers in Singapore.

Do you homework before you go and narrow your search down to one or two pieces.

Most importantly -- travel safe and have a great trip!

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No specific recommendations, but regardless of the dealer, you'll probably want to haggle hard. In most establishments, the price you see should not be the price you pay.
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Zeetan, in Kuala Lumpur, is the best recommendation I can give. Check out his website
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Sean Lim at Timephilosophy
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Over the years, I've purchased 7 or 8 watches from Zeetan in Kuala Lumpur.
I think all but one of those came with a warranty card stamped by Sincere.
Watches would be JLC, IWC, and Panerai.
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The Hour Glass,

They're pretty good for high quality watches and can suit pretty much anyone's budget. I got my watch from them.
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If you're looking for an authorized dealer, I also recommend the Hour Glass, and Cortina. Hour Glass has plenty of branches around, and Cortina has a couple I think. Both have great and knowledgeable staff. And be prepared to haggle the discount. BTW, if you do buy a watch, make sure you get that GST document from them, you can get a refund from the sales tax later on.
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Off to Singapore ... anyone got any updated info for watch dealers in SG? I'm looking for something in a Tonneau style and don't mind buying used.
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I got one in Cortina and was quite happy with the service
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I've been buying watches with Zeetan since the mid 90's. He's got my endorsement too.
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cortina gets my vote. They are, at this time, ready to give good discounts on their stock
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Originally Posted by Thurston View Post
Zeetan, in Kuala Lumpur, is the best recommendation I can give. Check out his website

I've ordered several pieces from Zeetan's website over the last decade; he is reliable, trustworthy and will work with you. BTW, I also seem to recall never paying duty.
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Is there any particular Cortina location worth visiting? Is the espace one with the biggest selection?
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I think the espace boutique at Millenia Walk has more of the technical pieces while the other boutiques has more of the usual brands eg. panerai. Espace is a gorgeuos place to ogle! Maybe you can just go to the city hall area. cos they got a branch at raffles city which is a short walk from Millenia walk. There are also the other big retailers around that area too so can compare prices.
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