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Jack Victor suit

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Anyone familiar with this designer? he's from Montreal. Found a couple of suits at Nordstrom rack at a good price.
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There are mountains of Jack Victor suits for sale at the DC Filene's Basement for very cheap. Under $200 I think. I've avoided they as they don't seem to be one of the better buys (I'd rather pay $450 at Filene's to get one of the gorgeous Zegna (real E. Zegna, not "Tessuto Zegna") suits that still have their Barney's $1,950 price tags attached.) I wonder if the JVictor's you are looking at were actually sold at Nordstroms or are only available at the Rack.
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We sell them at a store that i'm interning at. They are are lowend suit that we sell mainly to those who are just out of college and can't afford some of our higher end suits. They don't seem to be a bad suit depending on how much you mean by a good deal.
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Don't pull the trigger on one of those JVs. It's shite.
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