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"Entry-level" high quality watches

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Completely clueless on the subject and would appreciate suggestions. Basically I'm looking for a durable and refined watch with a minimalist design. Something with a date indicator would be great though. I couldn't care less for movement engineering as long as it is accurate; and the cheaper the maintenance, the better. Outer designs and looks would be the main concern. So far I'm most interested to Movado but the consensus from the previous threads suggests that there are better alternatives available. Something from harder metals like titanium or tungsten carbide (like Movado Valor's) would be interesting too. Any advice, or alternatively directions to helpful threads from some timepiece forums, would be much appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.
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Oh, and I would really welcome anyone who wants to sell one to me.
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Two suggestions if you're not set on Movado or a black face. Concord makes very nice, simple watches in classic patterns: I once bought an 18k gold watch, rather like the Patek Calatrava, with a quartz movement for about $1200 from a discounter. In between Concord and Patek is Blancpain, whose simple, elegant 18k watches have mechanical or automatic movements; I've seen them selling on the internet for as low as $2500, with papers. I'm willing to sell my Concord, if you're interested. I moved up to a Calavtrava, and then traded it for a Daniel Roth, whose watches are incredibly beautiful. Happy hunting.
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I may sound like a broken record, but I'm a firm believer that Oris offers some of the best "value watches" in the introductory mechanical market (i'll take some pics once I get back to NY). For less than <$1k, I think you will have a hard time finding anything other than an ETA movement, new or used. Based on my recent watch buying adventures, I also suggest checking out Maurice Lacroix, Baume & Mercier, a few models from DJR (little brother to Girrrard Perregaux), and Sinn for sportwatches. EDIT: The specialty metals like Tungsten carbide sound cool, but I've found very few models/manufacturers that offer such a product. settecento- Nice move up the food chain. I think I would content with just a few Blancpains or a choice PP.
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Settecento, thanks for the suggestion. I'll PM your regarding the Concord. Btw, some other parameters of the ideal watch: * Silver coloured metals, absolutely no yellow. * Metal band is preferred, although I won't rule out leather's completely. * Slimer design. My wrist is approximately 6.75" in circumference. Also, any recommendation for trustworthy discount retailers / second-hand dealers on the internet? Thanks again.
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[quote]For less than Pardon me Norcal, but what is an ETA movement? And what is the difference between automatic and mechanical? I thought they were of the same thing? Actually I think I would prefer something like a (high-quality) Quartz movement for now, simply because it is cheaper / easier to maintain and I really don't care about the movement. All I care is the refinement and durability of the case.
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I would look into offerings from Omega as well. This one has a good movement and is priced quite reasonably. [/IMG] ETA is a Swiss company that mass produced many automatic movements. Many watch companies purchase those movements and incorporate it into their watches, sometimes with modification. More expensive watches tend to use their own in-house movements, but they may not be technically superior to those produced by ETA.
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benchan's answer pretty much sums it up, but ETA's new movements have been supremely accurate (along with the new Rolex movement) and are quite well made, I like these movements quite a bit and am ambivalent about movement design as long as the quality is there...
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I see. What are some of the brands that use ETA movement? Also, how often do you have to service ETA movement and how much would that be?
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Depends, generally they last quite awhile, but some brands that use the ETA include Breitling, Bvlgari, Omega, Cartier, Franck Muller, Ulysse Nardin, and others. Here are a few articles about the two main Breitling movements.
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And what is the difference between automatic and mechanical? I thought they were of the same thing?
I'm not 100% sure - but I belive that an "Automatic" movement self-winds with the motion of your wrist. A "mechanical" movement must be wound. You may want to look into Hamilton or Seiko watches. If you have to go Swiss, plan on spending at least $800.
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Try IWC is one of my favorites. They have a great sports line, but if you'd like to get an entry level dress watch, have a look at the IWC Portofino line that come with an ETA base. The Portofino has a quiet elegance about it. ETA base movements are workhorses, especially the 2892. Have a look out for Jaeger le Coultre Reverso. Its basic model is quite good value because it has a handwind in-house movement that is tailored to the shape of its rectangular shape. Rectangular watches make very classic dress watches. Have a look at Cartier Tank models also. They have several models that is powered by an ETA movements as well. Avoid quartz if you can help it, and get yourself a basic mechanical watch (with or without date) that is either an automatic or handwind. Have fun searching
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hamilton make very good, entry level automatic and quartz watches.
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I own the following slim concord that might meet your needs.  It retails for somewhere in the $1200-1500 range, but can be had for under $900 if you look around. I've had it for a year and like it quite a bit.
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Which entry level watch has a slim design? I like the slimness of the Skagen but doesn't have to be that thin. I am looking for something a bit more classic with a leather strap preferably.
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