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How many brown shades are there in EG shoes?

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Brown shoes.....I never thought there will be the day when I am thinking of getting a pair. But they look absolutely gorgeous in the scans I have seen. I am thinking of getting a pair of brown EG by mail order when they go on sale. Would you guys be kind enough to show me the different shades of brown that are available with their correponding names? I hear that EG antiquing is legendary. My initial thought is to get a pair in dark brown to match navy and charcoal pants. Would the antiquing show in dark brown EG shoes?
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Unfortunately I dont have any scans to show you, although I am sure some of the other members will provide them. However, the range of brown colors in EG, off the top of my head are: Acorn Antique - a light tan, very light Edwardian Antique - mid tan, with hints of red Chestnut Antique- a bit darker still, with even more red Burnt Pine- a mid tan, but no red in it Dark Oak Antique- Dark brown Yes, you can still see the antiquing on the darker browns, although obviously it wont show as much as it would on a pair of lighter colored shoes. I am sure there are other browns, I just cant think of them right now. You really cant go wrong with any. I have at least one EG in each of the above shades, and I just love them. Not only is the antiquing first rate, but they really do get better looking with age.
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Bauxite - I knew I forgot one. Never seen it in person, but in the catalog looks very similar to chestnut antique.
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This link shows some of the colors you're considering: http://www11.plala.or.jp/kiki-monkey/Main_shoes.htm As does this one: http://members.jcom.home.ne.jp/shoe.com/e-green01.htm
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Where can you get them by mail order and on sale? That would be nice.
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You can email Edward Green from their website; ask them what they have available in your size (that's on sale); and they should reply to you in a day or so. Simple as that.
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