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credit report

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Something's going on w/my credit, and I don't know what. Whats the best way of getting a credit report? Online? Through the mail? And are free credit reports really free?
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I think there is a website called that will provide you with a free copy of you credit report. If that is not the site, you may want to try googling free credit report and see what you come up with. Good luck.
post #3 of 7 is an excellent place to purchase all three at the same time. Once purchased all three are availeble to view immediately. I am not sure what site to get a free report, but most states have a law that forces the credit comapnies to give a free report each year. The difference between the pay and free reports, is that on the "free" ones I do not beleive they give you a score. They show all "open" and recent credit accounts. Check for a link. He is a local consummer advocate in the Atlanta area. Pretty neat site none the less. Hope this was of some help - Craig
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This won't help you find one, but never sent me anything after I registered/whatever on their site (this was a couple of years ago). The first communication I got from them was a bill for their Credit Watch service, which I didn't sign up for, intentionally. They refunded it when I complained, but I never got a report. If you figure it out, let me know as well, because I still can't get a credit card, though I make alright $$, have a car loan, and have never had a delinquent payment on any bill.
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You can get one online at, or All three offer 3 bureau reports, some offer it for less money or at special promotional pricing. Some offer a free report with service signup - which can usually be cancelled in the first 30 days at no cost to you
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If you go to you may be eligible for a free credit report, it depends on what state you live in. At the current date only the western states are eligible but on the website it shows when all other states will be able to get the reports for free. You get one free report from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion per year.
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thanks fellas
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