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Originally Posted by globetrotter View Post
+1 on katz's. you keep saying your going to drag your ass out to the burbs, man, and you never do.
I know - I suck. It's just hard to do a "lunch" in the burbs when you don't have a car. It ends up being a 2-3 hour trek
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Originally Posted by ChicagoRon View Post
I know - I suck. It's just hard to do a "lunch" in the burbs when you don't have a car. It ends up being a 2-3 hour trek

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Originally Posted by ChicagoRon View Post
I know - I suck. It's just hard to do a "lunch" in the burbs when you don't have a car. It ends up being a 2-3 hour trek

I'll tell you what, maybe in the spring I'll pick up Katz's and we can all meet for a picnic in the city
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^ by the way, Savuer this month listed Katz's as one of the best loaves of rye in the country.
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Just went last week. I managed to hit several places that I've never been to before including: M Burger - I thought that the burger was pretty good (gotta get the M Burger), the fries were so-so, but I didn't try the malt as I am a cheapskate and thought that $4 was too expensive. The nice thing is that it was right across the street from my hotel. Heaven on Seven - Went to the original location with a friend who has lived in Chi-town longer than I did and he'd never been there either. We both had a cup of the gumbo. He went with the soft-shell crab po' boy and I had the jambalaya. He won. Twisted Spoke - Went here to meet friends for burgers and beer. Pretty good beer selection, prices for beer weren't bad. Burger was pretty mediocre. I wouldn't get it again. MK - Saved the best for last. I've wanted to go here for years and my friends who I was meeting up with happened to picked it as one of two places for me to choose from. It was incredible. It might be worth going there for desert all by itself. If you find yourself going, the grilled octopus app was probably the best thing we had all night. Teuscher - Had to stop in here to pick up some sweets for my sweetie. Damn is that expensive, but well worth it. Also, stopping here gives you and excuse to stop in and see if there is anything nice at Mark Shale Garrett Popcorn - I know it's a cliche, but I'm a sucker for cheese corn. Corner Bakery - Yes, it's on virtually every corner that Walgreen's isn't, but I love that oatmeal with the cinnamon raisin toast for breakfast. Found the perfect red dress socks while at Paul Stuart. I've been looking for those for like a year. Edit: How could I forget, I also made a stop at Jazz Record Mart. I don't know much about jazz, but the helpful folks there took what I knew and introduced me to Grant Green. Idle Moments is becoming one of my favorite albums.
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Damn son. I live in the building behind TS. Yeah, the burgers kinda suck, but for the most part the food there is really good for a bar.
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Damn son! I PM you and receive a reply almost instantly. I post in this thread and same thing. Do you live in the Styleforum, or do you just have it hardwired into your brain?
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Just bored as shit right now.
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Originally Posted by distinctive View Post
Definitely go to Wrigley and get a pizza. There's also an amazing art museum. I've only been there once so maybe the locals would be more helpful

If you're in Wrigleyville definitely stop by Ian's Pizza by the Slice. They're known for their Mac and Cheese pizza but have a ton of other options and rotating specials.

If you want more Chicago pizza try one of the city's pizza tours. They run around 50 bucks for the walking versions and you get to sample several of the city's best pizza places. The architecture tour is great as well, and the Sears(aka Willis) tower has a new glass bottom perch called The Ledge.
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Lou Malnattis. My favorite pizza by far. If you like to settle, Gios.

If you're looking to wait for a while and don't mind Edgewater, check out Great Lake. GQ rated it best pizza in the U.S. They don't take reservations and don't expect a table with a party over 4.

What's fun to do?

The clubs here aren't that great, but it does feel great to be an elitist with bottle service, bypassing the lines. After you get inside, though, it's pretty much the same.

Playoff basketball is still in town. The Bulls are the top seed. Catching a game doesn't come on the cheap during playoff time, but it really is quite the experience.

I like the Field museum quite a bit. Could spend hours there. Definitely my favorite scholastic activity.

Could go on and on about Chicago, but really, I'm sure everything has been said.
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Originally Posted by lcmm01 View Post
Lou Malnattis. My favorite pizza by far. If you like to settle, Gios.

Disagree. Gios and Lous are completely different. Lou's (along with Pizzeria Uno and Gino's) do Chicago Style which is sauce, cheese/toppings, crust from top to bottom. Giordano's does stuffed pizza, which is sauce, dough, lots of cheese/toppings, dough from top to bottom. The best pizza in Chicago IMO is not from one of the well known places, but from The Art of Pizza, which makes a meatlovers that has loads of bacon and roast beef.

If the thicker pizza isn't your thing try La Madia, which does thin, wood-fired, personal pizzas that are excellent and cook in minutes.
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went to girl & the goat on tuesday and tried the pizza with goat meat, quite tasty

fall, winter, spring, summer near the lake always very cozy.

I like grocery hopping especially when they give samples : )

rainy days at Navy Pier then going to see a movie at the nearby Imax theater

Europa bookstore then MCA store/bookstore
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The Publican rocks.
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^lol. i hope sfield doesnt see that

Originally Posted by Biggskip View Post
Great pix. Glad to hear you had a good time aside from your illness.

What did you think of Lola?

wow this is way late, but if you have a chance i would recommend stopping by lola and getting the beef cheek pierogis. i still think about it sometimes.
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I went last year. It was an awesome trip. one of my favorite things was when I had to drive out to a town called bollingbrook which had these memorable cheap eats: I don't know how to explain frozen custard from this place. I even made a thread about it. Even the plain vanilla or chocolate frozen custard was epic. I tried frozen custard here at the Shake Shack (only the pumpkin pie seasonal stuff came close) and in NJ (paled in comparison). I had it there in bollingbrook the first time. then I had it twice on the southside pretty good. a lot like the Harlem Fried Chicken places here only busier. Great drunk food.
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