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Originally Posted by Turris View Post
Thanks for the great advice everybody.

I am not looking for specific brands at the moment. Just looking for nice looking ties to begin my collection, and will get into specific brands when I learn more.

I have an 36 inch chest and prefer a slim look with my clothing. should i mix and match some slimmer ties and some wider ties? im worried that i'll get ties that are too fat looking or too long. i'm 5'8".

I certainly wouldn't wear a wide tie at your size...go standard width at the max. Maybe try looking at Polo ties if you want prints. They're durable, the silk has a great feel/drape, they're thinner than average, and can be had cheaply for how good they are. The main downside is that the patterns can be lacking and it might be hard to find one you like.

If I were in your position, I'd get the bare minimum number of ties i could survive on for a while and have them be brooks brothers/talbott boc/polo/etc quality. Then get expensive ties as you find ones you really like.
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As many have said here, there are several good ebay sellers of men's ties. One in particular that I have found to be pretty good is . Nice selections, sets (comes with matching cuffs and pocket hankerchief), Jason & Vogue brand aka Hi-Tie. Quality and prices are very good. Check them out. I have purchased many ties from them and so far, no problems.

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There are many things need to be regarded as in selecting and buying ties. First, where and when do you want to wear them, what are your color preferences, your style and the size that you are relaxed. Often, you can get ties with high quality if you patiently search for them. Remember that since you're buying ties, you can purchase more, and so complete your wardrobe for every occasion you can wear them.

If you're buying cheap ties, your reason for buying them is important. If you're planning to wear them to your work, or if you are a professional pursuing any career, then you have to choose a tie that isn't too colorful. The best and safest bets are solid colors like black, dark blue, brown and even the lighter ones like white or cream.

Although affordable, one can find cheap ties that are relatively made of high-quality. Online shopping stores like eBay present a multitude of choices to select from them, also helping you to compare your options before actually buying them. It's also very simple to shop online. There are many online stores where you can shop for ties and the best for me eBay.

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