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Rebuilding wardrobe

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I've finally left the world and am rebuilding my wardrobe for a required more professional wardrobe. Most of my suits were crap I've bought 3 new suits over the last month all 3-button.  My question is is I really like the 3-button look but is this to trendy? I was thinking about getting 3 more over the next couple months. Can they, Should they be all 3 button or do I really need to mix it up some? thanks in advance
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You might want to mix it up a bit, so you have some change to your look and don't become too predictable. As for three-button suits... too trendy? non, monsieur. not in the least. I have a three-button, and it really looks classic (and classy, hehe). But again I would throw in a few two-buttons to spice it up a bit. Have fun with the world of fashion.
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I'm partial to double-breasted. I have about an equal number of 2s, 3s and DBs in my wardrobe, as well as a 4 I bought for some goofy reson last year.
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I am also in the process of rebuilding my wardrobe after a nasty gf situation so I hear what you are saying. I basically have the same problem I am buying too many 3B suits. I used to have a number of 2B suits that I wore once in a while but they are history now and I just can't bring myself to buy new ones as I really like the 3B look. At the same time I know that its kind of boring to wear the same style constantly. I suggest you switch to DB occasionally that would certainly mix things up and then you don't really have bother with the 2B suits. Personally I am not a big fan of the 2B look I think they look somewhat funny, but that's just probably me.
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Three-buttons have definitely evolved beyond just a trend or a passing fashion, and ought to be a keeper for years to come.  Like you, I definitely favor 3-buttons and buy far more of them.  That said, I believe in diversifying your wardrobe, in terms of styles, colors, fabrics, and brands.   So if you favor 3 buttons, you should feel comfortable emphasizing that look and making that your go-to style.   Yet it couldnt hurt to mix it up a bit with a few 2 buttons (even the occasional four or- as has been a recent trend that I've noticed, one- button suit might work).
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I favor three button suits too. They generally suit men with slim or athletic figures. You might want to think about the new two button suits, which have a higher button stance, much like a three button suit, and are quite different from the more classic model.
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I notice very few of you have mentioned or found favor with four-button suits. I am partial to these and three-button suits because I have a very slim but cut build. I do, however, have a mix of two, three, and four-button suits to keep things diverse and to not give the impression that I wear the same suit every three days, as some people give me at times. I do not know why many of you have chosen to omit the four-button option from the list. It is very stylish and if purchased in a stylish colour and fit, it can be a very dashing look. I know very well that my girlfriend loves my black four-button with a white spread-collar dress shirt, black/faint gray-striped tie, gray large v-neck light sweater and "puritan" silver brace slip-on dress shoes. Personally I would build my wardrobe with a black four-button, black three-button, banker gray three-button, light gray or tan four-button, dark olive two-button, and a high format navy blue two-button blazer. Add more variety if you have the money to spend. Unfortunately, I am 18 and I have very expensive tastes, which means I use a great deal of money very quickly. As a result, I admittedly only have six suits. However, with those and the great number of ties, dress shirts, sweaters, belts, and shoes, I very rarely wear the same outfit within two or three months. So, my advice would be to build a wardrobe that you can afford and that can provide at least the illusion of a much larger range than in actuality exists.
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On four button suits: Glenn O'Brien (GQ's style guy) says it best. In response to who wears four button suits, he responds: Guys who need something to do with their hands. Four button suits seem to be popular on NBA draft day, so if your think that you might be drafted to the LA Clippers, maybe you should wear one. I can't think of any other excuse. Three-button suits are a modern classic. Two button suits are classic, and should be your choice if you are seeking public office. To steal from Glenn O'brien again, one button suits are a classic, in Las Vegas. Seven button suits: only if you're channeling MC Hammer.
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Well, it seems as though I am the only one here that thinks of four-button suits as a very good component of one's wardrobe. Oh well, I enjoy being different in that way. Well, not exactly, seeing as many men here in Charlotte wear them. Oh well, I suppose I am just like the crowd after all.
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lol Jofaille, you should consider when the use of "only" is warranted. To say that at the age of 18, you "only" have six suits (which I gather aren't cheap suits) I find quite funny ;p I'm 22 and i only have two, one of which i'd rather not wear anymore. I've stuck mostly to more casual clothes but they are expensive none the less. Might I ask where you find opportunity to wear suits so often that it merits owning six of them? Since I finished private school I haven't had a chance to wear one very often so I haven't bothered spending mony on them... I agree about 4 button suits although I couldn't imagine them in anything but black or dark navy and don't think I'd wear one to work if I had a job
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Might I ask where you find opportunity to wear suits so often that it merits owning six of them?
Three words: Church, Family, Girlfriend. Those are the reasons I own six suits. The reason I say 'only' is because in comparison to some, say my father for instance (who happens to own fifteen), I have very few. My friends tend to have more money than I for the simple reason that their parents give them money and/or buy them things often. I myself was always made to work for my own money and, therefore, pay for what I want with the money I earned. Subsequently, that severely limits the amount of clothing I can purchase, seeing as I have rather expensive tastes (Franco Fortini, Gucci, Oleg Cassini, Donna Karen, Louis Raphael, etc.). Blessed I am, however, that my girlfriend enjoys buying me tie and shirt combo's, and shoes (blessed even further that she has wonderful fashion sense, as she was raised in a very formal setting). Anyway, as I said long ago, I do happen to favor four-button suits, as does my girlfriend.
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