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What do to between 8am-2pm in NYC/Bklyn?

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Odd question I know. I have classes M,W, and F, and on M and W they don't start until 2pm, and unfortunately I'm a morning person so hopping out of bed at 7:30am is nothing.

What should I do to fill up this time.. gym, central Park, sleep, work at a cafe...?
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Get a morning job.
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Enjoy the city during traditional work hours...esp in the summer, most of us do not get to do this...there are parks, all the different towns, shopping, restaurants for breakfast and lunch that you would otherwise not go to and yes, get a job a few days a week to defray costs. Gym is a great idea, Prospect Park in Brooklyn is very nice as well. If you have spare time perhaps do an internship or donate some time to a cause you have interest in. Looks great on a resume and employers are a lot less picky when the help is free.
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A morning workout (including shower and breakfast) will take you up to 10am. Then study or do any class work you need to, update your resume, get a part time job, look for a winter break internship, watch tv, etc.
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Hah! I was just asking the universe the same thing this weekend. What the crap do you do when its sunny (besides shop) and no one does anything until 9pm? (what the hell IS everyone doing in the city on a weekend before 9pm that they are so unavailable, anyways?)

I guess you can read a book...
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-Write a journal in the park or in a coffeeshop
-Sunbathe in the park, hit on cute girls
-Explore new neighborhoods (lots of cool ethnic places in Queens, for example)
-Hit the gym
-Take a language class, yoga class, dance class, martial arts class, etc.
-Get a part-time job at a sushi restaurant and learn to make sushi
-Buy a nice camera and put together a portfolio (so much to photograph in NYC - parks, rivers, skylines, streets, people)
-Watch foreign film matinees
-Join toastmasters
-Go to a museum

Man, the list goes on and on. The city is MUCH more fun when the crowds are busy slaving away at work. I'd take NY 8am-8pm over the nightlife.
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-get a morning job -ride yer bike -watch the sunrise on coney island, the warriors style
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