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I just received my first order.  Here are some shots after a quick spin in the house.  Fit is very good.  These are unpolished-- just straight out of the box.




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To follow up my last post, I took my shoes back to Zee's to stretch the right shoe which they cheerfully did. It took two days. They are now absolutely perfect in size, no toe crunch issues at all.


I have decided the shoes are not GY welted, the position of the stitching on the sole is such that it must be on the inside edge of the upper, I presume this means Blake stitched. As long as the construction quality is otherwise good (and at this stage it looks to be) then I'm not too bothered and it's not like they charge extra for GY welt but it does annoy me slightly because I clearly and repeatedly asked for GY welt in the store and in a subsequent email. I suspect the problem arose because they don't write anything down and also if any aspect of your order is not clear they're not about to ask you for clarification.


Anyway, I am happy enough with the result that I ordered another pair - this time medium brown full brogues. Very similar to yours pogiguy (which look great by the way) but with a round toe. This time exactly the same as the model on display in store so no surprises! Definitely with GY welt (very prominent stitching around the welt)... and Dainite soles.  So they can do GY welt with Dainite soles, they just didn't for my first pair.


I am fully in love with my Dainite soles now, first time I have been more impressed by the soles of my shoes than the uppers. It has been stormy all week here in HK and I have been walking through puddles in my dress shoes grinning like an idiot.

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I just commissioned a pair of shoes from Zees too. It's too expensive to order the big brands here.
I asked for goodyear welted and unpolished as well based solely on the reviews found in the thread.
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Are they able to ship the shoes overseas once the initial measurements are taken? Thanks.

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Yes, but I think you better have the fitting first.
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Originally Posted by Fishball View Post

Yes, but I think you better have the fitting first.


Thanks fishball.


I will be in Hong Kong and will do the fitting there if i decide to pull the trigger. Nice to know that i have an option for them to ship them to me, if they are not ready by the time i leave.

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Zee's wingtip derbys after four years of wear. They're my late night debauchery shoes, often covered in beer and vodka. They're actually my favorite pair of shoes not because they're the best quality or even the best looking, but they certainly were the first pair of shoes I cared about and it was a gateway to the world of high-end shoes. They still look good after some TLC

Before: http://www.styleforum.net/t/73365/zees-leatherware-shoe-co/120_30#post_2472398

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