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what's this all about?

I was in the store again today and he had this shoe on the shelf. I asked him about it and Peter Lee had it made for Zee for being in the shoe business for 50 years.
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Originally Posted by luk-cha View Post

Zee's just sent me an email to tell me they have just received stock of Dainite soles for those that are interested or care


yes, i do. so many poor souls had to die before vitale bramani deceided to make rubber soles...
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How does Zee's compare to places like Dophen (Mirador Mansion) or Liii Liii (in Admiralty) in terms of quality, service and customizability? I know prices are approx (in HKD) 1,600 for Zee's, 2,000 for Dophen's and 3,000 for Liii Liii (correct me if I'm wrong).

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I don't know about Dophen, but avoid Lii Lii, I think they make some of the worst looking local made shoes.
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I've had similar dress shoes made at both Dophen and Zee's within the past few months. I'd be happy to show them to you here in Hong Kong side-by-side (suppose you could just go to both stores). Cpmpared to Fishball's expertise, I don't know enough about shoemaking to be able to tell you whether Dophen shoes are worth HKD500 more.
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I'll be going to HK at the end of this month for 2 months. I have a few shoe designs that I want to experiment with, so it seems like Zee's a good choice to turn those designs into something for my feet icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif.
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Just visited Zee's tonite and going to have my 2nd customer made shoes by them (1st was my wedding shoes made by mayer in Central).
Will post the picture of the shoes I plan to made here later tonite. Hope everything goes well.
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Got my second pair of Zee's - A pair of brown double monks.


I gave them pictures from to copy . i asked for a more rounded/conservative toe, since the other double monk samples at their store are too pointy for my taste, however the toe ended up being a little too square-ish. The shoes are quite chunky but i actually like them that way.


I experimented with some leather dyes and actually ended up with a dark brownish burgundy color (original color was more similar to the Sid Mashburns).




These have been worn about half a dozen times.

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The shoes I am planning to get is copy from an Oxford by Armani. It is duo tone with Dainite soles and will be wearing for to work in regular bases.

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Just checked Zee's fb and found my shoes picture. it was't exactly what I expected but I like it very much.
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Went in to Zee's today for my fitting for my first shoes. Met the owner of the shop, very friendly. Chatted a bit. My first pair is a chisel-toed double monk, with blue leather and gray suede. I've asked for a pointier toes as I prefer that. I should be able to pick up the shoes next week Tuesday. Once my first pair is done I'll upload the photos.

Dec 15
More photos are uploaded onto their facebook page. They also have the photos in store, so you can easily ask them to reproduce anything you like.
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Picked up the my shoes this afternoon and got master one last final touch on adding the soft pad. The finishing is so great and realized some guy has made an order after seeing my shoes.
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Can Zee's, or others, make a more casual shoe, such as a Tod's driving moc


I have a very narrow foot, so selection is always limited

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Yes, they should be able to. I saw many driving shoes in their shop when I was there last year. I am not sure if they could replicate the same kind of soles which Tods had though.
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Zee's has put examples of the different french calf colours on their facebook page. should make repeat orders easier for those of us not in Hong Kong.
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