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almost took the plunge today but the shop was closed.

Can anyone advise the best way to get the shape of the shoe that you want? do you describe the shape of the shoe that you want? Or do you choose from some samples that they already have? or is it best to bring a pair for them to copy (this assumes that you already have something that you already like)?

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Samples + pictures imo
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Choose from the samples. They won't make a new last for you, so you can't make whatever you want on the toe shape.
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Originally Posted by Fishball View Post
Not only the polishing story, they said your grandfather used to be shoemaker too!

Damnit... never knew they had such a big mouth! They ought to give me a deep discount next time.

Originally Posted by temporaryachilles View Post
I'm inspired! I'm going experiment on some loafers I picked up from Zee's a year ago, and if it works well, I'll pick up some nice brogues like yours. From what I understand, I need to:

1. Apply a lot of cream to moisturize the leather.
2. Use diluted acetone to lighten the leather in select areas (i.e. the non-brogued parts).
3. Apply black/dark navy polish with a toothbrush into the broguing.
4. Apply dark brown polish, repeat several times
5. Apply more cream to moisturize the leather, again.

Could you check whether what I'm planning is correct? I still have lots of questions: I'm not sure where to get acetone - can I use nail polish remover? Is there a step involving alcohol? (If not, I'll add a tequila break for myself halfway through.) What kind of polish did you use, and how many layers? It looks simply amazing in your photos.

FYI, I first noticed 'bespoke' shoes from Zee/Mayer/Kow Hoo on Style Forum about a year ago, when I moved to Hong Kong. I was researching custom fitted shoes for practical reasons (wide feet, freakish arch), but now I seem to be turning into a shoe geek!

Sorry I didn't get back to you! I totally forgot about this thread. Yes, the process that you listed out is largely correct. However, I would not use dark brown polish in step 4 as it might darken the areas you lightened with acetone. Instead, try using a lighter colored cream or something. Maybe even neutral.

Let me know how it turned out.

Originally Posted by Fishball View Post
Choose from the samples. They won't make a new last for you, so you can't make whatever you want on the toe shape.

That's strange because I was able to fine tune the toe shape? I guess, they just added a piece of leather to thicken the last when I asked for a higher toe box.
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They could add something on the toe, but not reducing it, so if you want something more slim, they couldn't do it.
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Originally Posted by Fishball View Post
Choose from the samples. They won't make a new last for you, so you can't make whatever you want on the toe shape.

Fishball, thanks.

Any advice which particular last is nice from them?
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I like the square toe with higher toe box, you can check it out.
Don't expect too much though, they are not a top niche shoemaker.
They don't want to be good or to do better, even they can.
What they really want is business, "no heart" in what they are doing.
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i will be satisfied if it turns to be like what benjamin has posted. went there at 8.30pm; closed again. :
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anybody know if Zee's could make a pair of Chelsea boots?
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yes, they do.
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I just picked up some shoes from Zee's ... being lazy, I just asked to get the same shoes Benjamin got, but with a different last more suited to my tough-to-fit feet. Apparently Benjamin's shoes are quite popular - several people have already ordered shoes based on his photos, although the proprietor is careful about telling everyone that the finish would not look the same. In the next week or two, I'll pick up some acetone and some polish, and see if I can duplicate Benjamin's splendid results. My initial impressionis that the leather is very thin, much thinner than Allen Edmonds, or even the shoes I got across the harbor at Mayer Shoe. I very much prefer the more substantial feel of the thicker leather, but it's not an option at Zee's. I'm not confident about the quality of this leather, but for HK$1,650 (including the trees) it's a relatively inexpensive experiment. I'll post some photos when I get around to the antiquing.

Attachment 32916

Attachment 32915

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BTW, if anyone can tell me how to insert the full photos rather than the thumbs, please tell me how!
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Been living in HK for the past four months and only just found this thread. I'm sold... time to plan a trip out to TST! (Wondering if he'd make a double monk for me?)
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Any idea how much does a pair of suede shoes made at Zee's will cost? THanks guys. I've never paid too much attention to the kinds of leather, does the standard leather that Zee uses creases a lot? My current pair of 'disposable' shoes creases a whole lot where the foot bends.
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My double monks from Zee. These have been worn around 10 times. They are a golden-tan colored calf, almost exactly the same shade as whisky shell. When I was there, he said that they do goodyear welts upon request. As soon as I mentioned styleforum he asked me if I wanted to copy Ben's shoes I might actually go ahead and do just that but put a goodyear welt on it.
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