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But when the Rams got FLATTENED I ended up even for the day.
Steve, please, FLATTENED, I would see that as something close to a, tsunami, I hate to use that term, but a playoff team getting a drumming like that, woooooow, the Falcons looked, how should I say, "for real" as said by a certain FOX commentator. I was even shocked, I thought they would fold.
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I took the points, and took the falcons so 2-0. Lets see how it plays out today, I have Philly and NE.
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Tsunami, steamroller...Yer splittin' hairs here, Chris.
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I took the points, and took the falcons so 2-0.  Lets see how it plays out today, I have Philly and NE.
4-0, very impressive. koji
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So how bad will the Eagles beat the Falcons, I say 14, I hope I am wrong and it goes the other way, but Philly is so deep.....we will see.
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I think the Falcons have a very good chance of winning this week. I will probably take Atlanta and the points. The weather could certainly be a factor. Of course I will be taking NE, I think they will probably be favored after this week, but we'll see. christian, yeah the colts were quite a bit better than the pats huh? #1 offense in the NFL scored 3 points with backups (and a WR) in the secondary for NE and their best defensive player sitting on the bench. Impressed now? Don't feel bad though, Shannon Sharpe made the same prediction. Peyton Manning = Patriots' bitch. My predictions (pending weather forecasts): NE 24 Pitt 14 Atlanta 28 Philly 24 This afternoon's game just paid for my Superbowl tickets (including airfare and lodging ) That doesn't count the two bets I got with rabid Colts fans, one guy gave me a TOUCHDOWN... the other was a straight up bet, both of those will contribute to my Vegas fund for next weekend
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I will never second-guess Bill Belichick again. I will never second-guess Bill Belichick again. I will never second-guess Bill Belichick again. I will never second-guess Bill Belichick again. I will never second-guess Bill Belichick again. I will never second-guess Bill Belichick again. I will never second-guess Bill Belichick again. I will never second-guess Bill Belichick again. I will never second-guess Bill Belichick again. I will never second-guess Bill Belichick again. Okay, I'm a believer now.  I thought Indy abandoned the run way too early, but the Patriots are clearly the superior team.  They are so disciplined and well-coached that it is difficult to see how any of the remaining teams will beat them.  Perhaps the only thing that can stop NE is a player that is so unpredictable and out of control that he cannot be schemed for . . . Michael Vick.  I seriously think that half of Atlanta's passing plays are broken plays.  (Vick's train of thought when dropping back to pass:  Where's Alge Crumpler?  Oh, he's covered, I think I'll take off.)  It seems to be working so far, so no need to fix it.
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I am sure Belichick would be able to make a plan to deal with Vick.
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I think that a lot of the Patriots' success can be attributed to personnel. Several years ago Willie McGinest and Ted Johnson signed big contracts averaging $5 million per year. When their production simply waned(in the case of Johnson, injuries took their toll) they were not simply released. They took pay cuts and remained with the team. Tedy Bruschi and Mike Vrabel have been bargain-rate playmakers at linebacker. Rodney Harrison's going to NE seems to have rejuvenated him. Tyrone Poole has played pretty well. Ty law, despite his monster contract extension signed after the 1998 season, is still with the Patriots and, some say, the closest thing to a shutdown cornerback in the NFL. The o-line is a bunch of blue-collar guys. Too bad that longtime Patriot Bruce Armstrong was not around to enjoy the Pats' success. Fortunately Ben Coates was able to win a Super Bowl with the Ravens in 2000-2001 and then retire, and Drew Bledsoe was around for the Patriots' first Super Bowl win.
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I can buy that, the patriots are executing quite well, they have an extremely deep team, scheme very well, and have good personnel as well, not only in the 22 deep but throughout their rosters. Belichick can also get more out of mediocre players than other coaches. How good would Randall Gay, Earthwind Moreland, or Troy Brown (as a DB) be on other teams? Champ Bailey has been roasted on a regular basis, as have Ahmad Carroll and Terrence Newman, I wonder what Belichick could get out of these guys?
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Ugly weekend for me. Hoping this weekend gets a little better... I do have NE and Philly for SB, bet before playoffs started. Sorry, Chris.
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If the Pats play the Falcons, I'm sure Bellichek will have a solid plan for Vick, but Vick would stand a better chance of cracking that plan than Manning ever could. As great as Manning is, everyone knows what he is going to do - he'll never run. The only real unpredictability is whether he is handing off or running play action. Vick is another animal entirely - the best athlete in the NFL. When the Pats locked down/beat down the Colts receivers, Peyton was screwed. Vick will just take off. He's significantly faster than the fastest NFL linebacker. Peyton couldn't outrun Ted Washington.h
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If there's any team I'm not worried about the pats playing, it's Atlanta. Vick is spectacular but has a tendency to cause turnovers, and NE will take advantage of every one. Atlanta's defense will have serious issues dealing with NE's offense. Vick took 49 sacks this season, he would get blitzed from every angle by NE. Philly presents somewhat of a larger problem but Dillon should take care of them quite well, while the pats defense would likely be able to deal with McNabb as easily as they dealt with manning, skill position offensive players on the eagles are far worse than those on the colts. Pittsburgh may be the toughest matchup, but NE should win there too. I would take NE by more than a touchdown against any of the three teams remaining in the playoffs.
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I'm done second-guessing Bill Belichick, but why is everyone discounting the game the Steelers and the Patriots played earlier in the season just because Corey Dillon was not available?  Were the Pats missing any important defensive players in that game?  It's not like Pittsburgh has a complicated offense that Belichick can scheme for -- they're going to try to run the ball right at you and dare you to stop them.  Short of New England employing a goal-line defense (which they occasionally did in that first game with mixed results), what can they do differently defensively?
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NE lost Tom Ashworth (starting right tackle) immediately prior to that game, and Matt Light was knocked out in the first quarter of the game. Losing your two primary O-linemen is not a good start. Furthermore, they were playing w/o Dillon and lost Law in the first quarter, immediately before the scoring deluge started. Tyrone Poole was questionable for the game, and didn't play, a couple weeks later, he went on IR. It wasn't about stopping the run, BR threw two big TD passes in the first quarter, and there was a fumble returned for a TD, making the score 21-3, at that point, it didn't matter if they could stop the run or not, although they did come back to make it within 2 TDs. Brandon Gorin has stepped up big time at RT, and the O-line is no longer a weakness, but a strength during this game. Dillon will not necessarily be a huge difference maker in this game, but he will be able to help slow the pace of the game down, and if the pats lead, expect to see plenty of him. The defensive scheme is going to be geared around stopping the run, one thing people don't realize is that Belichick develops game plans based on personnel. Obviously Ty Law was an important part of his plan for the Steelers game and when he was lost due to injury in the 1st quarter, the Pats were forced to change their planning. They've been playing w/o Law for 11 weeks now, so obviously he isn't part of the plan. I expect to see Belichick stack the line and run blitz, and also bring LBs off the edge, leaving 1 on 1 coverage for BR and daring him to beat them before the pass rush gets there. With how they are going to disguise coverages, I doubt he will be able to do that, as Manning certainly wasn't, and BR, although promising, isn't anywhere near as good as Manning. As far as the offensive philosophy, Pittsburgh has no idea what to plan for, as Weis may be the most creative mind in all of football. They could come out with 4 wides, or 2 TEs, the point is, you never know, and that makes it hard to gameplan against the Pats. Speculation is that the Steelers will try to run 4 wides against the pats, I doubt this will happen personally because it means BR will be very vulnurable to the pass rush. I do agree that they will throw more than people think, perhaps with diasterous results. When NE defenders get their hands on the ball, NE tends to score quickly and often.
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