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Illegal contact is still enforced very sparingly, and it's only a 5 yard penalty. NE is going to play the game the way they've always played it, and if they get penalized, they'll just shrug and continue playing it the same way, no ref is going to continuously call illegal contact penalties in the playoffs, especially at Gillette.
Dude, the reason why they started enforcing the rule at all is because of the mugging that occured on that field last year. Of course they're going to enforce it.
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For fun, every year i visit my sister and nephew in Vegas before the season starts. They think its to visit them, its really to place my bets for the superbowl. I place $5 on a bunch of long shots and $10 on a couple of 'more probable' chances, including my NE Pats. Here was my picks this year. The first number is what i put down as a bet, and the second number is what i would win if the team won the SB. Patriots - $20-$160. Colts - $10-130 Panthers - $10-$240 Saints - $5-265 Browns - $5-$285 Chargers - $5 -$505 Texans - $5- $305 Cardinals - $5 - $755 Lions - $5- $355 When the Texans played for the first season, i think the $5 payout was something like $2100. Wouldn't that have been fun. Go Pats. (or Chargers hee hee). stevo
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enderz, how many games that the patriots played this year have been decided by the illegal contact penalties? They were 14-2 last year, and they will be 14-2 this year, illegal contact nonwithstanding, looks like it made a HUGE difference. They easily could have been 16-0 this year if Dillon wasn't hurt and if Brady didn't make a rookie mistake, but IMO they are still a huge favorite to win the SB. Getting Ty Law back will be huge. stevo, I won $10k in 2001 on a similar bet, laid $100 and it paid 100:1. I won $6800 last year on the same bet after the 31-0 bills pounding in Week 1 The Bills would probably have been something like 200:1 after starting 0-4, that would have been a sweet SB pick (even though they may not even make the playoffs)
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Drizz, I'm not totally clear on your bets. Are you saying you were able to make a bet on a particular game that paid an xxx:1? or a SB bet. All the single game bets i see listed on the sheets in vegas are the lay 11 to win 10 scenario. I prefer the former odds situation so i can spread my money around more and 'hope' for a big payoff. Please clarify, incase i may have misunderstood. thanks, stevo
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No, they are proposition bets, similar to the ones that you laid, in which you bet a certain amount prior to the season or at a certain point in the season, that a given team will win the superbowl.
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I had my friend put down two rather sizeable bets for darkhorse Superbowl teams at the beginning of the season: Jax (bleah) Pittsburgh (woohoo.) koji
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(drizzt3117 @ 28 Dec. 2004, 10:24)
Originally Posted by Thracozaag,28 Dec. 2004, 7:49
Originally Posted by drizzt3117,28 Dec. 2004, 6:08
I think San Diego is a realistic title contender as well, they are strong on defense and offense, and they have a better draw than Indianapolis as I think Pittsburgh is vulnurable to SD as they can pass and run and have a good defense.  They will likely make it into the championship game but I don't think they can beat NE. Steve, I'm originally from Madison.
Two words: Marty Schottenheimer. koji
This from an eagles fan...
AND a Chiefs fan (Marty has a career 30 PERCENT winning percentage in the playoffs). koji
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Koji kalled this one. What a bonehead. But you gotta give him credit for the turnaround.
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It's not his fault his kicker can't hit a 37 yard FG, should be automatic from that range.
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As were the THREE (count 'em THREE) kicks that Lin Elliot missed in KC's loss to INdy at home in '97.  Once again, Marty's uberconservative game plan dooms another wonderful playoff team. Blame Marty; this is a broken record I've heard far too many times. koji
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Drizz: IMO he screwed up his team's momentum on 2 occasions- when he went on the field and got the penalty, and calling 3 straight running plays before the kick. But I agree w/u on the kick itself... And it's easy to be a Monday (or Sunday) AM QB...
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Going on the field wasn't a good idea, but I didn't have a problem with his game management leading up to the kick, throwing it in the rain could have led to an INT and what would his critics be saying then? The only thing I would have done was to have kicked the FG on 3rd down incase it was blocked.
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Well the Pack looked pretty sorry... Bet Sherman's doing some house hunting too.
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Well the Pack looked pretty sorry... Bet Sherman's doing some house hunting too.
Yikes; I didn't see Green Bay laying such an egg--and AT HOME, no less. Ouch. koji
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What freaks me out is that Manning damn near put up 500 passing yards on a pretty well-respected Denver defense. He would have done it too, if the Colts had not played the 2nd half in neutral.
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