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Mentrosexuals- The New Age Guy

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Sorry to those who are annoyed at this, but im a 16 year old female and funnily enough, im interested in males. Hard to believe im sure LOL but on a serious note... Im currently doing my HSC (Higher School Certificate) and quite a large component of this is what is called a PIP (Personal Interest Project) which I have decided to do on -Mentorsexuals- so I'm asking this.... Any of you guys who may or may not perceive themselves as a -Metrosexual- explain to me the reasons why, and how you feel about this concept of the -Metrosexual-
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Hi Tia. l consider myself partly metrosexual because l vary from the traditional male in many refrined aspects. Eg, l like facials, nice beautiful handmade shoes, designer clothing etc. l am not gay either. l don't really like the word `metrosexual' - it indicates too trendy and try hard. l like beautiful material items. l like art, l like the opera. l have refined tastes. Then again, l like heavy metal concerts and like rough blokes who are tough LOL. l am no sissy. To me, metro's are sissies and try too hard to fit in with the crowd. l only try to please my missus and myself. l don't care for trends or political correctness either.
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Tia, this is a term much mentioned in the UK press over the last few years. David Beckham is oft touted as the definitive manifestation of this ideal. I do not think however that he is likely to be a role model for any on this forum. Good luck with your project though.
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I've gotten quite a few, "Very metro" comments lately. I thought the term had died out a year or so ago, I guess its still going strong. The term is supposedly about a new breed of man that takes care of himself like supposedly gay men do, but that the man is straight. Its not exactly a new breed of man, as you look back in time there have been quite a few era's where men took very good care of themselves. I love the nic. retronotmetro on this forum. Funny and true. The stigma about the title is that it alludes that a man looks "gay". If gay men were sterotypical slobs, straight men would have little problem with being considered "metro". All that said, I don't like to be called metro anymore than the next guy. Eric
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