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Originally Posted by Bouji View Post
I think part of it may well have been lack of research. Bear in mind, however, that I do not speak Japanese, in HK & Singapore, you can do your research in English. Any research I tried to do left me with hundreds of websites, in Japanese, or very tourist geared websites, that did not really suggest anywhere all too good (I tried a few).
I live in London, and frankly London is quite a similar comparison.

Tokyo has the following points above London:
Better public transport
Nicer skyline

Yet London:
More attractive architecture.
More luxurious hotels (Blakes, Clairidges, Ritz, Connaught, Lanesborough, Berkeley, Sanderson, Hyatt Churchill, Great Eastern, Mandarin Oriental, Dorchester, St. Martin's Lane, Savoy etc. etc. Tokyo = Park Hyatt, Four Seasons, Peninsular, Shangri-La I guess, none of which can compare to London counterparts really.)
Better art galleries, and tourist attractions (Buckingham Palace as opposed to the Imperial Palace? National Gallery opposed to Mori gallery?)

There was nothing 'wrong' with Tokyo, its just that although it may be all singing all dancing, I know of a city that does everything Tokyo can do better.
Jack of all trades, master of none.
You seem to be quite the cultural imperialist.
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Originally Posted by Dragon View Post
I think the one major problem about Tokyo is that it is NOT tourist friendly. Your experience in Tokyo really gives me the impression that you just didn`t know what to look for, sort of like visiting Yahoo for the first time and not knowing how to surf the net.

All of the other cities you mentioned are fairly easy to navigate for an English speaker in comparison (and a lot smaller in size and what they offer).

Oh and by the way, real Teppanyaki doesn`t come with the show like you`re used to seeing overseas. It would be extremely awkward putting on a samura/ninja cooking show in front of real Japanese

We find Japan is not tourist-friendly.
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Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim View Post
Whoo! Cutting it a little close! Given more time, I could probably have come up with a comparable or better room in a more centralized area for the same or less money, but I need more than two and a half weeks notice

Especially since three bed rooms are a bit hard to come by, as I'm sure you've discovered .

Hey, I'll be going to Japan for the first time in the second half of November, also as a party of 3. Can you recommend any hotels with 3 beds, or one with 2 beds big enough to be shared (Queen/King, and no hassle from the hotel)? Looking to spend a max of $200 after taxes.

Location isn't a huge factor as long as there's something to do in the area. Don't think I'd be able to get Shibuya for the price though. I've tried jp.travelzoo.com through a translator but it seems like their hotel deals are either too expensive or ryokans (which I'll try for a night or two in Kyoto).

Any help is appreciated!
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I found a place. Now where can I shop?
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Originally Posted by Jupiter Room View Post
Roppongi is shit, except for Space Lab Yellow. The clubs in Shibuya are much better.

What he said. Roppongi hardly feels like Japan there are so many foreigners. Also, expect several sketchy Nigerian guys to poke your shoulder and ask, "you like titty?" If you want to club, I had a lot of fun going to Club Atom in Shibuya when I was there. Trance and Shibuya galz.

-Roppongi Hills I hear is nice though, but I'm not sure, I only went to Mori Tower there. That was fun, I think it's actually taller than Tokyo Tower (which I'd also recommend). Not sure if it's still there, but they had a little aquarium at the top when I went too.
-If you go to Akiba with a few friends, you could hit up a maid cafe for teh lulz
-Yasukuni Shrine, if you're into East Asian politics/history at all. Be prepared for some highly questionable accounts of history in their museum. You can also buy creepy anime-ized figurines of Imperial Army/Naval officers and kamikaze pilots in the gift shop!
-I didn't get to try it but I hear eating fugu is interesting, if you're feeling daring
-Just jump to the largest size if you plan on doing any shopping

My mind's drawing a blank right now, but some some other stuff I think people already mentioned, Harajuku, Imperial Palace, ramen shops/food stuff
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So much to respond to, I'll just focus on what I remember:

Sukiyaki is sweet, I'm not really a fan. For good restaurant info, check www.bento.com in either English or Japanese or the Japan section on Chow.com (generally more expensive places).

There are lots and lots of interesting neighborhoods that some people seem to have missed out on. For shopping, check the fish/everything market in Ueno. It's not high-end, but there are lots of small shops and some interesting things. Ginza and Omotosando have the high end shops, along with Roppongi.

Shibuya to see the younger culture, a little hip-hop shopping and cheap food. Harajuku, weird and fun.

Yoyogi park is one of my favorite places in the warm weather, it's amazing what you can see.

Shinjuku, lots of lights and tons of drinking establishments.

I suggest getting a tour book or two and following them, there is good temple/shrine info and they will all have decent public transportation maps.

Eat ramen, good yakitori, shabu-shabu, takoyaki, okono/monja-yaki, a japanese trad'l breakfast, japanese fast food burgers like Mos or Freshness, sushi.

If you have the wallet, I can recommend lots of high end places in Tokyo, Bombance and Dai San Harumi, Tapas Molecular Bar in the Mandarin Oriental.
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Hit the small Yakitori places in Shinjuku's back streets (just besure to ask the price before you sit down as some are fucking ridiculous!), Go to Daikanyama, some of the best mens shopping there if you are into getting some exclusive Japanese brands, also its a nice area to walk around. If you feel like it walk to Ebisu from there and hit up Ebusu Garden Place. Shibuya is ok, just ok, pretty overrated really, I am tired of going there. Avoid Gas Panic, its a gajin bar big time, shit music and the Shibuya one might as well be some dude's basement as its fucking tiny, and the girls there are ugly and still wont dance. Roppongi is gaijin central, though Mori tower/the hills is a nice area. Go to Ginza, even if just to gawk. While there walk around Hibiya---->Imperial Palace (try not to swim in the moat naked. A white guy did that a couple months ago, supposedly he was drunk and English). Hmmm, Ueno is kinda cool, some temples and shit there. Odaiba is fun in a Cheezy view of the future from the 1980s kinda way (hit the big mall there, its designed to look like a Roman market and the cieling changes with the time (bright and sunny or dark and starry)

Ill try to think of more
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Shibuya is overrated if you live here, if you're visiting Tokyo it's a different story. Shibuya crossing is one of, if not THE busiest pedestrian intersections in the world. Visitors get a kick out of it, and then there's the gyaru.
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Originally Posted by geoff View Post
Shibuya is overrated if you live here, if you're visiting Tokyo it's a different story.

Shibuya crossing is one of, if not THE busiest pedestrian intersections in the world. Visitors get a kick out of it, and then there's the gyaru.

Agreed. The only reason I go to Shibuya now is if I'm invited to specific events. Same with Shinjuku. But I've spent plenty of time in both and there are plenty of good restaurants and clubs in both areas.
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shibuya is a must and that intersection is just nuts. although quite touristy, its something everyone should experience and take in.
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