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WW Chan shirt has arrived

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First off, I want to commend WW Chan's customer service.  They were very polite and accomodating at the fitting session in Beverly Hills, and always very prompt in returning emails and resolving any problems.  Further, I was told when the shirt would ship, and true to their word, my first shirt arrived via FedEx before Christmas.  I am to comment on the fit of this shirt, so that the measurements of subsequent shirts can be tweaked.  Thus, I would appreciate any comments on the fit from you. Front: Rear: Candid of me asking for my camera back: *btw, the camera adds ten pounds... Review: Fit: After an immediate laundering and pressing, it was time for my first fitting.  Overall, I am very happy with the fit...I think that wearing a well-fitting shirt to the initial measuring session helped very much.  My MTM shirt differs from a RTW shirt in a few ways: My right shoulder needs to be slightly longer than the left, the right sleeve needs to be longer than the left, and my shoulders are square.  Each of these were perceived during the measuring section without my prompting.   Changes that I'll request in fit: I'll ask that the sleeves be shortened by 3/8" on each side, and that the waist be increased 2".  I might even ask for an additional 1" in the chest.  I had asked for a very slim fit, but regret it...uh, I may need room to grow a bit. Collars and cuffs: The collars and cuffs are not to my liking.  The interlining is thin, yet ridgid - kind of plastic feeling.  I tend to like more substantial collars that are soft...think Battistoni or interlining that feels like cotton.  However, they look great, even without stays.  The collars and cuffs are fused and very easy to iron. Buttons: I asked for extra thick MOP buttons, but am unsure whether I received them on my shirt.  I've asked for confirmation, but haven't heard back yet.  The buttons I received are of average quality.  The luster of the buttons doesn't even approach that of my Borrelli, Barba, Truzzi, etc.  They simply don't shine as bright.  There is also a slight yellowish tint to them, and they are not polished on both sides. Fabric: I very much like the fabric.  Unfortunately, I cannot remember the mill name, but they are of the high end of the fabrics Chan carries, I believe it's 2x100, retail $110/shirt.  Very nice's soft and lightweight, but feels durable and like it'll get softer over time.  I'm very happy with my selection. Construction: I think that the shirt is constructed very well.  The buttons seem attached by hand...each button wrapped at the shank.  The single needle tailoring throughout the shirt is decently fine in stitch size.  Pattern matching at the shoulder and gauntlet is perfect. The side gusset resembles a Truzzi's - a small piece of self-fabric is sewn only on the interior side. Seams are very neat. Conclusion: Overall, I am happy with my shirt, and will likely order more when the need arises.  I'm confident that the fit can be tweaked to fit me very well.  Customer service and lead time are excellent.  My only criticisms are the button and collar/cuff interlining quality.  Considering the fact that RTW shirts are seldom long enough in the sleeves for me, I think Chan presents a very viable alternative and a good value. Any comments appreciated.
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I'll ask that the sleeves be shortened by 3/8" on each side, and that the waist be increased 2". I might even ask for an additional 1" in the chest. I had asked for a very slim fit, but regret it...uh, I may need room to grow a bit.
On the sleeves you're right but I don't know if you need extra room in the waist or the chest. They already seem big enough to me, particularly the waist. That said, nice looking shirt.
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I also received a batch of 4 shirts from wwchan and like you, I very like the fit, fabrics and construction but I'm disapointed with the collar/cuffs interlining. Buttons are of average quality but look right for business shirts. If someone already asked them for another kind of interlining, comments will be much appreciated. Merry Xmas to all, Cheers P.S: If I were you, I would not add fabric in the waist and chest, it takes some time to enjoy a slim fitting shirt after so many years of poor fitting rtw...
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I always try to wash my new shirts at least 3 times (too lazy too do more), then I iron and wear them. They may shrink a little more on following wachings depending on their fabrics/quality... Seems to work well for me that way.
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How many times do you need to launder shirt before they take on their permanent size.  A fanatic like AK (and I mean this in the best possible way) might launder a test shirt a dozen times, but how many times can a mere mortal get away with before knowing that the test shirt really is, in the medium to long term, the proper size?
I always wash my shirts in warm water and do not put them in the dryer.  I've never really noticed a change in size in any of them after any number of wash/iron cycles. dan
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I think the shirt fits really well, and I'm not sure I would change the chest and especially the waist, where you clearly have extra room. The only thing I would think about doing (aside from shirtsleeve length) is making the armholes a bit tighter (raising them). Thanks for the review and pics. Montecristo
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That is a mighty fine shirt. That's the first Chan shirt that I've seen (pictures of), and I am quite impressed. Good fabric choice as well. It's a bummer that the buttons aren't the boulders that come on Borrellis, but at least they aren't plastic. The collar is the perfect size as well.
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Was there a fitting for this shirt? It seems to me that the wrinkling around the front shoulder area shouldn't be there. The fabric looks really great.
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Thank you for all of your comments.  Now that I've noticed the wrinkling on the front of the shoulders, it's driving me mad.  Hahaha, maybe it's my posture, or maybe the shoulders are too square, but in the grand scheme of things a minor detail, imo.  Pictures always emphasis drape. Maybe I'll add 1" to the waist and leave the chest alone.  The waist really is too small - I think there's a 3" allowance, that's tight that there is pulling at the buttons when I sit down. rlevine, this IS the fitting.
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Hi, I'm not going to comment about your shirt.....shirt fittings are a very personal thing.....if you like how it feels, and doesn't look like it's wildly out of proportion, that's good enough. I am going to comment on your slacks though. Much too big through the waist and's like an accordian under your belt. You could probably take 1.5 inches off the waist band and 1 inch through the seat.
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hahaha, yeah yeah...I know about the pants. I lost a lot of weight recently and fear I'll gain it back soon. Besides, I keep my tailor busy enough - don't temp me. Bringing in 10 pairs of slacks is just another expense I can't afford right now.
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