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D'ya like TÄGs?

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I was just at the mall trying to find the watch (Orange monster or the black version) from the earlier thread about indestructible watches. Apparently, there is not a watch in existence according to some dumb jewelry store personnel that has a bezel raised above the crystal. This one lady told me a sapphire crystal is indestructible. "Look at my Rolex, I've had this 13 years". Me: "Well, yeah, but it's not exactly a diving watch..." and you work at a jewelry store, not in all kinds of watch-destroying conditions. She outright contradicted me that I had broken a sapphire crystal. "Well, it sounds like you need to go to a higher quality watch then." Higher quality than you sell, maybe, yes. Anyway, I asked if one of them knew where in the mall I could look at some Tag Heuers (I said "Tahg Hoyer" as that is how it is spelled.) She made a point of correcting me, "Oh, a TAG". (for the Europeans reading, imagine she held her nose and then said "tag" as nasally as possible). Am I being wannabe-Eurotrash? Does the company Tag Heuer really mispronounce its own name, and I am wrong? Bleh. I left the mall with nothing, but I did manage to stump every watch seller in the whole place. "What did you say, a 'bevvel?'"
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Haha, great title, I LOVE it. I myself pronounce it as 'Tahg', and I always assumed this was correct.
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I remember a random conversation with one of my secondary school teachers who told me that the "TAG" bit wasn't meant to be pronounced, that it was just supposed to be "T-A-G" (possibly because they were the initials of Mr Heuer).  I didn't bother checking if this was true - I just pronounced it "tag" like everyone else that I knew did. Just had a quick look at the history of TAG Heuer on their website though, and it turns out that TAG stands for "Techniques d'Avant-Garde".  Who'd have thunk it?  
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It's an abbreviation as far as I know. If it had umlauts like in the title it would be 'tayghe'
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i used to be unsure myself until i saw one of their commercials during a formula one race. it's actually pronounced just the way it's spelled--'tag' like the children's game.
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It's pronounced tag, like "I left the tag on my shirt." This is the way the salespeople in the Tag Heuer store pronounce it. I don't think it's possible for them to be wrong on that one.
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You know what? Its a watch. I can call it a tag, tayh, tahg or spretzengriddle. It doesn't really care and I like the way it looks . The mall people only care about making that 20 dollar bonus from selling you one of their "cheap" watches so it isn't worth trying to get any additional information. Now if you were to ask them about a rolex they would actually care about pronunciation. BTW I am horrible with watches and the display on my tag isn't scratched at all.
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I have gone into various mall jewelry stores about three times now and decided solo to pick up one of those Heuer re-issues (Carrera, Monacco, etc.). While they're not exactly haute horlogerie, I think Heuer did a nice job, and you can't beat the style bang for the buck. Each time, the salesperson has been so repulsively ignorant and pushy, that I have fled the store Along similar lines, the Saks Fifth Avenue store in Detroit now has a Pennhaligons section. Every time (and I mean EVERY time) I want to browse it in peace, I am virtually tackled by some overly made-up cow that insists on telling me about how "all the kings and princes in England wear the stuff", three inches from my face. Wow, I really sound bitter . . . must be the holidays.
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