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Alexander Julian, Redux

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Thesis: "The use of off-beat, even eccentric colors in tailored clothing fabrics, after the demise of the 'peacock' 60's, is due almost entirely to Alex's deployment, in his Couture collections between 1975-1985, of over 7500 different colors, most prominently in his sportswear, but, even more interestingly (and equally often) within the strict confines of the male uniform known to us as the business suit". It occurred to me that I could post a picture of the essential Julian labels, should any of you younger guys only know of Alex's work via his less essential (but more affordable) "Colours" line.
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Nice. I only ever knew AJ because of the Colours line. I remember over ten years ago when I was in high school wanting one (Colours) so bad because I saw a nice suit from the line in GQ -- I didn't know better but give me snaps for at least having my mind in the right place as a callow youth. It was too expensive for me back then though.
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Flaneur, I found a AJ silk sport jacket with, IIRC, the top left label in it, at a thrift store. It has been months, but it's probably still there. If you want it for your project, let me know. IMO, the silhouette is much more important, but trendy, fashionable fabrics can definitely break a deal. A well-cut jacket in a bad fabric is still a bad jacket, whereas a boring jacket of a good fabric is still useful to someone.
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Greetings, Eric. Thanks for the info and pictures of the labels. I will keep an eye out for them and forward any additional items I come across to you. Regards, Tom
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I believe there are some AJ pieces on STP right now. Are these pieces quality, or mere shadows of the AJ's of old?
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