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Originally Posted by babygreenspots View Post
The selections are hardly that awful, though I have to agree about the taglines.

Kanye West, Lapo, Jonathan Becker, the Spanish Brothers- I think the men are looking okay. The second pair of brothers do look like they could be part of Ahmadinejad's cabinet.

Some of the women are pretty dreadful, but it is easier to screw up without all the rules.

The Spanish brothers stand out. It helps that they're good-looking.

Kanye probably has the best quote...
"It's way harder to dress down than to dress up. Casual is the true test of an outfit master. Old men dress the best. They'll just be sitting in the park with a Missoni sweater, some tonal khakis, and some New Balance sneakers, and you're like, Damn, that outfit is perfect."

The first part of it has basically been said on Style Forum before. Now for some blasphemy - if Kanye's personal style weren't so much about pushing boundaries, he might well be the best-dressed man on a highly credible list (which is hard to compile precisely because few male celebrities go for photo ops in casual style). He knows what he's doing. Even Mr. West's more outrageous looks are much less absurd than they would be on most people. Before you get your pitchforks, consider that one of the regulars here seems to have a vaguely Kanye-like style - more subtle, of course - and he gets a lot of praise from other members.
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Who makes suits like the one on the right? It's really ideal. Black Label with soft shoulders.

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This picture is satirical, right?
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sarah jessica parker, angelina jolie.. why are they labelled as actors and not actresses?
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using "actor" removes gender. They are all actors and equal in station if not ability.
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