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Best Mainstream Music

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Which groups/artists out there actually deserved to have a stint at the top? First couple that come to mind are Fiona Apple and New Radicals.
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Anything Kim Deal is in.
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I like Sheryl Crow. A lot of her stuff reminds me of 1970s rock and roll. Plus, anyone who can do a rock and roll tribute to Steve McQueen is OK in my book. Christina Aguilerra has a beautiful voice. I'm hoping someday that she actually will record some music that will allow her to showcase this talent. Seems like she'd rather just build her goth hooker bad girl image than sing. Leane Rimes also has a beautiful voice. Hard to believe how young she is and how terrific she sounds.
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I agree with Ken on Fionna Apple and the New Radicals. I always thought the band Garbage was great and Shirley Manson's voice was enough to earn them a stint at the top.
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The new radicals had their heads in the right place, and some balls, but most of that album was kind of weak. Fiona's got some pipes and a unapologetically strong artistic sensibility, which is to be admired. I'll say Green Day has made a lot more out of their initial success than I would have thought. I'm glad the Flaming Lips have made some coin and gotten some exposure, and Modest Mouse, this year. In the strong lady vein, I'll say Tori Amos probably had a little too much success, but she's chillingly good at times, and Bjork is surprisingly popular. White Stripes also have gotten a little too much credit, I think, but they know what's up, no doubt. I dig the Foo Fighters; it's weird how now it's, "Hey, you know the lead singer from the Foo Fighters? He was in Nirvana," not the other way round. This is all past tense, right? Because I'll be a cultural cheerleader for a lot of hardworking bands/folks that ought be on their way...
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flaming lips, good point. interpol are mainstream now, i really liked thier first record, but despise the second. radiohead are fairly mainstream. excellent band. queens of the stone age are pretty good.
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First couple that come to mind are Fiona Apple and New Radicals.
Wasn't the New Radicals just a ploy so Gregg Alexander (the lead singer) could sneak his way into the mainstream? Some of the writing on their album was really good - I have it around here somewhere - but now he writes for Ronan Keating and other winners... I think Beck and CAKE both deserve their success in the mainstream.
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Coldplay anyone? Agreed on Radiohead. The only current band I can really listen to is Jimmy Eat World. I don't keep up that much these days, are the White Stipes the band that did 7 Nation Army? Whatever that band was, while I haven't listened to much else from them, but that song was pretty fucking good. Reminds me of the Stones. Eric
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don't keep up that much these days, are the White Stipes the band that did 7 Nation Army?  Whatever that band was, while I haven't listened to much else from them, but that song was pretty fucking good.  Reminds me of the Stones.
Try a band called the Black Keys, similar sound, less dressing in only 3 colours.
Coldplay anyone?
I would say they're already up there. The last show they played in my city was a stadium for 20,000+, and it was one helluva show. Hopefully Chris Martin will be able to continue making incredible music. I see them as being the next U2. I know she is already very popular pop artist but I wish Alicia Keys would do a more grown-up album with more live instrumentation and a more "soul and funk" sound. She's got an amazing voice and needs to grow it past the whole teen pop/urban thing. I think this would open her up to a much wider auidence. Aaron
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I kind of like Robbie Williams, since we are talking about mainstream music.
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i'll second Beck. i thought with "Loser" he'd have his 15 minutes. then i listened to the album he put out on K with Calvin Johnson and the crazy ass remixes he did with JSBX. and don't even get me started on Sea Change, the perfect soundtrack for a breakup. Beck rules. -Jeff
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I like Beck, but when someone mentions that name I still think of the guy who used to be in the yardbirds......yes, I'm an old fart
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i agree with bjork, christina aguilera, radiohead, fiona apple, and even green day.

i completely disagree with sheryl crow having talent. her songs sound like jingles for t.v. commercials and there is absolutely nothing creative or artistic about them. she uses standard formulaic structure for every song. that songs that goes, "iiiiiiiiim gonna soak up the sun...." i swear i thought that was a coppertone ad.

i don't like beck. there's a fakeness poseur quality to his sound, at least on what i've heard on the radio. i will give him credit though, for being an artist. like bjork, whether you like him or not you have to admit he's creative and experiments with music.
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also, if anyone remembers the 15 seconds of fame that a band called 'the cardigans' had, their first album, 'emmerdale' was very good. it was downhill from there though.
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cooter that is perhaps the most disturbing avatar yet
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