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How improtant are good fingernails?  

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Im looking for any habit breaking tip i can find for chewing nails. and Im wondering what anyone might think about the look of nicely manicured nails as opposed to chewed up ones.
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You can't go wrong with nicely clipped nails.  People tend to be very judgmental when it comes to aesthetics  (I know I am unfortunately).  When I meet a person, female or male, I have a tendency to look at a persons teeth, nails, etc and draw conclusions.  Is this wrong?  Yes to a degree, but that's human nature.  It would be nice to get a females opinion on this issue to add more credence to my post.
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Well, I can't give you the female position except from what they tell me. My fingernails grow rather quickly. My poor brother's are even faster. This can lead to out-of-control nails at times. I'm very mindful of my appearance (in all aspects) and because of past insults, I always keep my nails well-trimmed. Personally, I think they look a lot nicer. Besides, you don't want to be mistaken as a drug user for having an extraordinarily long pinky nail. As for nail biting, noooo, don't do that. Maybe to break it, you could put some foul-tasting substance on them, so when you bite them, you'll be sorry. Eventually, you'll get the hang of not biting. That's the best I can offer.
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Moved to Body Consciousness -- as this is the closest topic to the forum title yet. I agree that it is important to take care of your fingernails and that ugly nails are distracting and somewhat disconcerting. I'm sure to some people it could be extremely offensive. I have strong nails and they look perfect for a long time so I sometimes let them grow out a while, but life is easier when they are short. I do have to file them or they sort of chip and flake off. As to quitting biting them, make sure to keep them short, and there is a "foul substance" sold for this purpose although I can't remember what it's called. I don't know that I'd want a "foul substance" on my fingertips because I sometimes have to hold food with them, but it shouldn't take long to quit I would think. Also, try to identify when or why you are biting them. Is it because they are overlong, nicked or annoying, or is it because you are nervous, bored, etc.? That can help you understand what you need to address in terms of stopping.
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