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Originally Posted by andyliu52 View Post
after college i am doomed to a life of wearing a suits and dress shirts and wool pants, so i want to take advantage of this time while i can!

Yeah, I mean, there's no one here that's graduated college and wears anything but a suit every single day.
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But people here may work in a completely different field, so the sarcasm may be a bit early. His statement may have some truth if he's studying law or something.
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i am hoping to work in some finance job... listening to my friends talk about it, you don't have much free time outsdie of work
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^Fair enough... but in your original post you said "...and I'm willing to pay $900 for them." I guess you were joking, but there wasn't really any indication that you weren't being serious. Buying them on sale is fine... $50 is no big deal if you really like them. Y-3 (the Yohji/Adidas collabo) also does some really interesting, well made and fun sweats. I've got two or three pairs of them and I really like them, though they are about the same price point as Prada Sport. Overall, though, if you are hoping to get a finance job and are in college, it may be time to "grow out" of your sweatpants trend. I don't mean that you should start wearing suits already, but you could at least move it up a notch or two and leave the lounge-wear for the house.
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When I read "i am willing to pay 900$" I can't help but think to myself some people really do have more money than sense.

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what's the deal with lux sweatpants for summer 2013? been looking for a pair like the acne johnston--part sweatpant, part tech material--to rock this summer, but not sure what's out there. or even just a fly pair of all sweatpant material sweats that have some nice features. any recommendations?

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the new detroit button fly drkshdw sweats are so nice u can wear them with a blazer
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Does anyone have any experience with sunspel sweatpants?

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happy to see pretty much every designer has a pair of nice sweatpants now. my favorite budget (but still quality) option this season are the helmut lang cashmere sweatpants,default,pd.html

in a similar vein, john varvatos made a really cool cashmere hoodie in a dark burgundy that i like

as a follow up, i do wear a suit and tie every day.
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The main problem with your request is you want cashmere sweatpants but also want to be able to put them through the washer/dryer.

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